The Lollies Shortlist 2020

Next month the voting closes for the Lollies awards with voters having until 11.59pm on 13th December 2019 to cast votes on titles from the shortlist which were chosen by a panel of judges – Micheal Rosen, Alison Leach, Scott Evans, Andria Zafirakou and Kate Newport. My blog is intended to give you an insight into those titles on the shortlist and information on how to cast votes, which you can do as an individual or an entire class. The books are separated into three catergories – picture books, books for 6-8 year olds and books for 9-13 year olds. In the fourth year of the Lollies there is a beautiful variety of titles on offer that depict a wide range of topics, messages, characters and storylines all chosen because of their humourous content and that they will make readers laugh and smile. Enjoy.

Picture Books

Ten Fat Sausages by Michelle Robinson and Tor Freeman

A hilarious rewrite of the classic rhyme we all know and love, this book brings it into the 21st century and introduces the rhyme to the latest generation of readers with a new ending to each pair of sausages referenced in the pan. The endings are brilliantly funny, equally ridiculous and plausible in a young readers imagination and definitely likely to leave you grinning from ear to ear as you read of the lengths and depths of the sausages escapades.

Published by Andersen Press at £6.99 (PB)

Baby’s First Bank Heist by Jim Whalley and Stephen Collins

A fantastically funny picture book with rhyming verse that tells the story of how baby Frank wants a pet so badly that after failing to persuade his parents to buy him one he takes matters into his own hands and successfully robs a bank for the funds to purchase his own choice of furry companion. When one pet seems easy enough to look after and hide Frank buys another, and another and continues to spend the money he stole on a wide range of animals that it becomes increasingly difficult to hide. It is insane how many animals Frank acquires and the places that they have to hide and readers will be laughing page after page through this book as they keep up with this baby’s crazy animal acquiring antics.

Published by Bloomsbury at £6.99 (PB)

“You’re Called What?!” by Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson

This is an absolutely hilarious book that details lots of different real life animals that have names that anyone would find funny and laugh at, with lots of animals and insects visiting a name changing bureau to be known by something less funny, embarrassing and awkward. The final insect to declare his name as one to be reluctant to share is a wasp who gets more and more frustrated as the others laugh at him so he demands his name be changed immediately to something he is happy with – Dave! You will literally be laughing all the way through to the end of this book and find yourself reading this book and referencing it time and time again.

Spyder by Matt Carr

This is a great story book of a spider secret agent who has been tasked with preventing a fly from ruining the birthday cake during a child’s party at the family home that the spider lives in. We get to follow the spider through different rooms of the house, and view them from spider worthy angles such as the ceiling of the bathroom – giving us a birds eye view of the layout which gives this book an interesting and immersive appeal.A great way to get children interested in insects and potentially less afraid of spiders.

6-8 Year Olds

The Legend of Kevin by Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre

With the gorgeous silver spray edging and sparkly cover (hardback) you are instantly drawn to The Legend of Kevin and it does not disappoint. The book has stunning illustrative content throughout that compliments the text perfectly. The narrative is cheeky and fun and tells of how Kevin – the flying pony nonetheless – is blown about by a storm that then delivers him on to the balcony of Max’s flat and then during the storm the causes the sea waters to rise and the town is then infiltrated by sea monkeys which leaves Kevin and Max having to try to save the day. This book is perfect for children growing in confidence to read chapter books, and as there are similar books to this title from the iconic duo that is Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre (Oliver and the Seawigs, Pugs of the Frozen North) children can find longevity in there choice as they indulge in some fun adventure stories like this one.

Bad Nana Older not Wiser by Sophy Henn

With bold illustrations and vibrant colours this book has the readers attention from the offset. Telling the story of Jeanie and her grandma “Bad Nana” in three stories that tell of the antics that happen whenever Jeanie’s grandma is about such as changing the signs displayed at the park to promote enjoyment and fun instead of it all being disallowed. The stories are fun and highly entertaining and readers will love the character Bad Nana and all that she gets up too.

The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler and Steven Lenton

The first in a brilliant series for readers entering the world of chapter books this instalment tells of the adventures and antics in the nothing to see here hotel which is run by Frankie Banister and his family. News arrives that a very special guest is enroute and the family busy themselves for the prestigious arrival and the story tells of the chaos and carnage that ensues as they deal with a brat of a prince. With some fantastic characters and humour that even us adults will appreciate this book will have readers excited for the rest of the series and recommending the books to plenty.

World’s Worst Children 3 by David Walliams and Tony Ross

The third instalment in the World’s Worst Children collections this book like the two books that precede it has ten stories of children considered to be pretty awful for hilariously ridiculous behaviourisms and characteristics for example vanity, tantrums and pranksters. The book is humour filled from the offset with brilliant characters that readers will find utterly hilarious and relatable as the characters remind them of children from school, television and film. Children will delight in this latest instalment of giggle inducing literature.

9-13 Year Olds

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes by Greg James and Chris Smith

This second book in the Kid Normal series sees us return to the world of Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes in another humour filled story of the gang saving the day and being in the line of danger along the way. The characters are brilliant and make this creatively written story undoubtedly hugely popular with readers looking for an adventure story that has the quality and depth you look for in a good book, with the added bonus of it being the second instalment in a successful series.

I Swapped My Brother on the Internet by Jo Simmons and Nathan Reed

This is a brilliantly funny book about a boy called Jonny who finds a way to get rid of his annoying brother by swapping him on the internet for what will hopefully be a vastly improved sibling. It doesn’t quite work out how he assumed it would as the website he used to swap his brother sends him the most peculiar replacements including the ghost of Henry the Eighth. Jonny endures it all in a bid for a better brother but comes to realise that the one he had to begin with wasn’t as bad as he initially believed. The book is hugely relatable to children who have similar love/hate relationships with their siblings as that displayed in the book and as such will prove popular to readers as they enjoy seeing Jonny do what they can not and enjoy the hilarious consequences.

Planet Stan by Elaine Wickson and Chris Judge

The layout of Planet Stan is eye catching and fun with infographics that feature within that draw your eye and attention to the different parts of the book. You cannot help but want to design your own pie charts by the time you have read this book that tells of Stan – a boy who loves to use charts and diagrams to make sense of the world. Stan and his brother are funny, extraordinary characters that make this a fun, make you want to smile a lot book that readers will enjoy immensely. The combination of the fantastic illustrations and text make this an award winning combination that readers will love as they enjoy reading about the ups and downs of Stan’s life and the impact and involvement of his brother who is irritating far too much.

I Bet I Can Make You Laugh by Joshua Seigal and Tim Wesson

This anthology of hilarious poetry will make readers laugh out loud as they enjoy the selection of poetry that has been edited and collected up by poet Joshua Seigal who has also written some of the poetry that is included in the book. There are plenty of laughs to be had from reading the poems inside the book that even include love poems!

Make sure to cast your votes by visiting the website by 11.59pm on 13th December 2019.

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