It’s the Season to be Jolly – Christmas Book Recommendations 2019

There are definitely a lot of christmas titles to choose from this time of year so I have compiled a list of those that I think offer great value for money, emulate the christmas feel and vibe we all look for in the perfect christmas book and would be perfect to share with young children at home or at school. Be sure to check them out as the following books would be perfect christmas titles year after year. Happy Holidays!

How Winston Delivered Christmas


This is all you associate with Christmas in a book! Truly magical, rewarding and invested in providing memories with your loved ones as you share the books twenty four and a half chapters and/or the numerous activities that feature too.

The book portrays the importance of kindness and taking care of one another through the story of Winston, a homeless mouse that shows both courage and determination as he sets about trying to deliver a letter to father christmas that got lost and he came across. The book has a twenty four and a half chapter format with the intention that a chapter be shared from December 1st through to the final half chapter conclusion on Christmas Day, this is a great way of building up the festive feeling and magic in the lead up to the big day whilst ensuring that it isn’t just the presents opened on the 25th that children associate with Christmas and come to look forward to in future years, especially as this stunning paperback version (the hardback was released last year) has a foil art designed front cover and breathtaking illustrations that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of all those that see this edition and having them asking for it time and time again as they follow Winston’s journey, making new friends along the way and learn the importance of kindness at christmas and beyond.

Published by Macmillan on 3rd October 2019 at £9.99 (PB)

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

This festive title from the amazing duo that have given us books to enjoy that include Barry the Fish with Fingers and Supertato is the perfect book to share over the festive period. Using rhyme to tell of a tree that refuses to be a christmas tree, stood in a pot and decorated this book is great fun and will put a smile on every readers face. The tree decorations are determined to take their rightful positions on the tree to celebrate christmas on full display just like all the other trees along the street, so with some compromise and showing one another understanding and respect it seems as though everyone will get what they want. A great way of showing children an alternative christmas story that is packed full of surprises – especially learning that the tree likes to bake, and with stunning illustrations to compliment the text this really is a winning combination, especially as the illustrations reflect the festive feel authentically as well as the energy and excitement too.

Published by Macmillan at £6.99 (PB)

Maisy’s Christmas Letters

Lucy Cousins

An amazing interactive book that contains letters and additional extras from Maisy to and from her friends as she arranges a get together with them at christmas. There is also a christmas card and keepsake in the final envelope for the reader which is a beautiful way to finish off an immersive and fun book, ensuring this book is read over and over and remembered fondly. Children will love taking out the letters and gifts that Maisy is sent from her friends whilst following her progress organising her party.

Published by Walker Books at £12.99 (HB)

Christmas is Coming – An Advent Book

Katie Hickey

The first thing that you notice about this book is the front cover is an advent calendar, with flaps to open that are numbered like on a normal advent. Each of the flaps gives a clue as to which content inside the book is relevant, and that could be an activity, rhyme, song, story or craft to share with those around you, encouraging you to make memories and enjoy time with those you love. Everything about this book has a traditional christmas feel, from the front cover design to the illustrations inside. There is no doubt that this book will be chosen over and over given the interactive advent cover and interesting and varied content inside.

Published by Abram & Chronicle at £12.99 (HB)


Matt Tavares

This is a heartwarmingly beautiful story about Dasher, one of the reindeer we all know to be one of Santa’s team, and how she came to take on the now infamous role of one of Santa’s sleigh pulling reindeer. I love that Dasher has been portrayed as a female, and that she continually thinks of her family even when she isn’t with them. Dasher has heard stories of a beautiful place that would involve her family being free to roam instead of fenced in and worked by their owner. Her mum tells the stories and includes details that the place she refers to can be found under the north star, so with that in mind Dasher heads that way when she sees an opportunity to run away. On her way Dasher comes across Santa needing help with pulling his sleigh as his reindeer is tired and struggling and Dasher offers to help, a great message to young readers that helping others is a real act of kindness. With a traditional feel through both the story and the stunning illustrative content this book is one to cherish and enjoy time and time again, especially as the illustrations are the epitome of christmas and the festive feel.

Published by Walker Books at £12.99 (HB)

The Night Before Christmas and Other Festive Favourites

Illustrated by N.Puttapipat

A gorgeous collection of christmas favourites that feature utterly stunning silhouette style illustrations that depict the rhymes that we all know and love such as Jingle Bells and the Nutcracker too. The illustrations spread beyond one page making this an ideal book to share with loved ones and at bedtimes when children can really take in the phenomenal illustrative efforts upon the pages which really depict the energy and message being portrayed within the text. The silhouettes stand out in front of vibrant coloured scenes and this style works brilliantly as it draws your eye to the various details such as the trimmings on a christmas tree. I absolutely love this book, it has a uniqueness to appreciate and creates that warm festive feeling inside as you indulge yourself reading.

Published by Walker Books at £14.99 (HB)

The Tree That’s Meant To Be

Yuval Zommer

With an autumnal feel from the very first page this rhyming story of one little fir tree’s journey through the seasons is the perfect story to share this time of year. The little tree doesn’t grow straight enough and tall enough to be chosen by anyone when they come to the forest to choose christmas trees but the animals of the forest come to support the little fir tree and decorate it with berries and feathers and other bits they have scavenged and they come to love and appreciate the tree being there and that in turns makes the little fir tree feel loved, wanted and complete. A beautiful and heartwarming story that reinforces that even those not picked first are wanted and cared about by the right friends. The illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful, depicting nature in such an inspiring way that younger readers will not only enjoy the story but they will likely grow an appreciation of and love nature too.

Published by Oxford Children’s at £12.99 (HB)

One Christmas Wish

Katherine Rundell and Emily Sutton

This festive treat of a story tells of a young boy named Theo who finds himself alone on christmas eve and looking to make his home more christmassy. He puts what trimmings he can find that aren’t damaged on to the tree and improvises when he realises he cannot reach the top of the tree to place the fairy. Longing for some company and conversation Theo wishes upon a shooting star he sees out of the window and four of the ornaments he hung on the christmas tree come alive and an amazing adventure ensues that sees them face different scenarios to assist each of the ornaments such as the robin wanting to recall singing so they pay a visit to a nearby neighbour that teaches piano and is familiar with music. The story has a brilliant ending that reinforces the message of making time for each other being more important then any gifts at christmas, and it is heartwarming to see Theo with his parents as they reunite just in time to enjoy the festive period together.

Published by Bloomsbury at £8.99 (PB)

The Christmas Unicorn

Anna Currey

A delightful story about a girl called Milly who spots a unicorn in her grandpa’s garden the night that she arrives there with her mum, staying there for christmas. The unicorn is friendly and heads inside to fall asleep on Milly’s bed, and in the morning is introduced to Milly’s mum and grandpa. Milly takes the unicorn shopping with grandpa for a new star to place at the top of the tree and meets a girl called Sophie who is also smitten with the unicorn and the pair make plans to hang out the next day. When Milly gets back home the unicorn explains he has to leave and return to his friends in the nearby countryside and heads off, and Milly is excited to see her dad has arrived and feels as though all that she could wish for has come true. This is a real heartwarming, festive feel of a story that would be perfect shared at bedtime, with a class, in a library or with a hot chocolate and mince pie to really encourage the festive vibe.

Published by Oxford Children’s at £6.99 (PB)

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