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When it comes to books you really can’t beat a good series as it offers that hugely valuable continuity to characters you come to know and love, and what better series to read then those with strong characters and immersive storylines. The series’ that feature on this blog would be perfect additions at home, in the classroom and in the school library.

The Sherlock Holmes Children’s Collection

Featuring a selection of ten books, this box set of Sherlock Holmes titles is perfect for 7-9 year old readers that enjoy mysteries. The original text by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been adapted by Stephanie Baudet that simplifies the text to the relevant younger reader age group. The books feature stunning illustrations by Arianna Bellucci that help the reader become immersed in the story and visualise the adventure as it unfolds, she is also the talent behind the book covers which are eye catching, intriguing and modern. There is also a QR code in the inside front cover which allows an audiobook option for the story.

The titles in the collection are

  • A Study in Scarlet
  • The Sign of the Four
  • The Three Students
  • The Blue Carbuncle
  • The Speckled Band
  • The Red-Headed League
  • The Reigate Squires
  • The Naval Treaty
  • The Sussex Vampire
  • The Veiled Lodger

The books follow the iconic Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Watson through the adventures that are now so infamous, introducing these timeless classics to a whole new generation. With an average 110 pages these books are the perfect length for children that are starting out in the world of chapter books, and ensures they enjoy the story and want to continue reading through the series. This ‘Shadows, Secrets and Stolen Treasure’ book collection is great value for money and is the ideal way to encourage early chapter readers to build their knowledge of classic literature whilst building up their reading stamina too.

ISBN – 9781782264088

RRP – £69.90 for the Boxset or £6.99 each

To order (or for more information) –

Max the Detective Cat

A fun new series of mystery stories featuring a Cat that does all the crime solving and detective work. With three titles in the series from author Sarah Todd Taylor

  • The Disappearing Diva
  • The Phantom Portrait
  • The Catnap Caper

Each of the titles features an adorable cat amidst an adventurous backdrop front cover design, illustrated by Nicola Kinnear, indicating what to anticipate from the book. There are stunning illustrations throughout each book too, allowing the reader to imagine the adventure as it develops through the depicted scenes and story characters. Perfect for children starting their adventures into the world of chapter books these books can be read independently or in series order, with The Disappearing Diva giving some of Max’s history of how he came to be a detective cat.

The Disappearing Diva

The first in the series, this is the story of how Max came to leave the home he lived in and took up a residence in a theatre. It is during his time at the theatre that Max comes across his first mystery involving a famous singer that is displaying strange behaviour.

The Phantom Portrait

In this story Max uses his detective skills at Lord Fawley’s castle where diamonds are going missing and it is obvious that it cannot be ghosts stealing them, so Max investigates all things strange and mysterious – including things that go bump in the night!

The Catnap Caper

In this story Max finds himself in Paris as his owner is a judge in a singing competition there and takes it upon himself to search for other cats that have been kidnapped, which is even more important to him given how much he likes one of the victims. With friend Oscar to help him the pair work on who is responsible. The book has a really authentic parisian feel with the reference of music and location to really help immerse the reader into the story.

Each of these titles retails at £6.99, more information can be found here

The Complete Jane Austen Collection

This stunning set of six books is the perfect addition to a school library looking to introduce the amazing works of Jane Austen to a new generation of readers with these original texts and gorgeous new cover designs by Nancy Leschnikoff and Margot Reverdiau that are visually appealing with the main female character from each book on the front cover, in period style dress and design.

The titles that feature in this box set are –

  • Mansfield Park
  • Persuasion
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Northanger Abbey
  • Emma

Publishers of this collection Sweet Cherry confirmed recently that another set of Jane Austen titles is due to be published in 2020 meaning more of the timeless classics from this phenomenal author. Intended for confident readers that are looking to enjoy the depth and quality these books have to offer these books would be a popular choice as a gift to those that enjoy classic literature, and with the updated, fresh and eye catching covers will prove of interest in a school setting too.

ISBN – 9781782264736

RRP – £ 53.94 for the Boxset or £8.99 each.

To order (or for more information) –

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