Brilliant Titles from Buster Books

I recently made contact with Buster Books and requested a selection of the titles that they have available, and I am sharing them on this blog post. I am in love with the variety they have on offer, especially loving the Little Unicorn titles and that they have a selection of books about hugely important topics like the environment and our planet. I hope you enjoy this blog and the books it features, I definitely have.

Little Unicorn is Angry

Aurelie Chien Chow Chine

An amazing little must have book that helps younger readers to understand emotions, this title focusing on anger. Telling the story of a unicorn that has a magical mane, changing colour to reflect the emotion the unicorn is feeling most strongly, this book will help younger readers to not only understand what emotions are but also how to cope with them, and that how they are feeling is completely normal. It is important young readers relate to what they are reading, placing themselves and their feelings in to the story where appropriate, and this is incredibly likely as unicorn becomes angry in relation to things at home like bathtime and bedtime which is something young children experience. The book features a breathing technique explained in easy to follow stages and encouraging visualisation of the emotion and feelings involved in the situation which takes this book to the next level, providing self help support to younger readers. This book would be perfect for nurture groups, reception classes and lower ks1 classes as well as at home – any scenario that allows access to this beneficial new series by the intended age readers.

Little Unicorn is Sad

Aurelie Chien Chow Chine

A second book in the series, this one focuses on sadness by telling the story of how unicorn feels at school when his friends play a different game, excluding him in the process. As with each book in the series there is a breathing technique to help readers to control and cope with how they are feeling when angry. Each story also shows how the situation does diffuse for unicorn, his mane returns to the colourful variety and he feels so much better in himself.

You Can Save the Planet – 101 ways YOU can make a difference

An amazing guide book that educates readers on 101 achievable, often simple, straight forward ways to contribute towards the protection of the planet. Divided into sections to make searching for and referencing ideas more straight forward this book really does inspire, educate and encourage readers to take much needed steps to be green. Featuring everything from creating your own compost heap to making environmentally friendly hair conditioner and so much more besides, this book has a fantastic array of opportunities that will accommodate all circumstances and allow participation – regardless of whether you have a large family or small, house or flat, garden or pot plant. This is a vital resource for the younger generation to establish environmentally friendly behaviour that they can continue to use as they grow up, ensuring the planets survival for generations to come.

Guardians of the Planet

Written by Clive Gifford and Illustrated by Jonathan Woodward

Another quality Non-fiction title from publishers Buster Books, with this book focusing on educating young readers to become eco-heroes. Even the book is made from eco-friendly inks and paper – setting a standard for readers to admire and follow. The book has everything from what to do around the home, and significant environmental impacts around the home, the beach, ocean and forests. Information is displayed in a bitesize amount, eye-catching and interesting way that grabs your attention and maintains it throughout. The book gives perfect opportunities to go off and research more detail of some of the specifics such as to learn the different types of trees and how to identify them. I love that the book makes you want to go and learn more, and that it is providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the state of our planet and environment and how as an individual to contribute positively to protecting the planet. There are challenges and experiments to complete along the way should you wish, and there are lots of bitesize facts and statistics to pull out easily, dotted on the pages. The illustrations are engaging, on topic, realistic and interesting, drawing your eye to the different sections of the page and indicating the topic.

The Book of Animal Super Heroes

Camilla de la Bedoyere

This is a hugely inspirational title about heroic animals that have done everything you could possibly think of an animal ever doing in an extreme situation like rescuing owners trapped during an earthquake and making people aware when a human has gone into a diabetic coma. The book is full of facts for all of the animals that feature in the book – dogs, cats and so much more. The full page illustrations that are contained within each section really capture the likeness, energy and spirit of the animals and helps readers to visualise the hero being showcased. This book has so much information to offer and inspire readers with, especially the real life stories which are told in a facts and no nonsense way which ensures the reader will want to continue reading this book and explore the amazing content it offers. This would be a great book choice for bedtimes, reading children the inspiring stories of heroic animals as much as it would be a great addition to a school library. I very much look forward to sharing the stories within this book with young audiences, ensuring the legacy of the animals continues.

Hopefully this has given an insight into some of the titles Buster Books have available at the moment, and given that their non-fiction is of such a high quality and their self help books for younger audiences are worthwhile resources in the home as much as at school I hope that this blog helps you to choose the right titles for your needs.

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