Peeking At Picture Books – October Part Three – Halloween Special – Day Three

The House of Madame M

Clotilde Perrin

This is a hugely impressive interactive book young readers will not want to put down as it contains so many tabs, flaps and parts within the book to interact with like skeletal parts dangling from a sink. The book has the perfect balance of scary, eerie and spooky for children to enjoy as they search rooms within The House of Madame M who is currently not at home and could return at any moment – adding to the tension. An over sized book that will keep children entertained for a long time and wanting to return to it time and time again, and is perfect for Halloween.

Published by Gecko Press

Beast Feast

Emma Yarlett

A great book about a monster who has caught a child for dinner and invited his monster friends for a feast. The child interacts with the monster and his suggestions make the monster seem less like a scary monster and the child seems to be less of a dinner to the monster. The book has amazing letters inside to open and unfold and read and interact with. A fantastic interactive book for younger readers to enjoy and rediscover time and time again. Reminiscent of the Jolly Postman this book has the potential to be equally as much of a classic for children throughout the year and especially Halloween.

Published by Walker Books

Hide and Seek

Katie May Green

The perfect Halloween picture book, this rhyming story of characters that come to life from picture frames to play a game of hide and seek has the perfect amount of spooky without being too scary. The twins that are off hiding in themselves give you chills from how they are dressed and the amazing illustrations looking misty, and the night time setting adding to the spookiness. A perfect read with younger audiences who will enjoy trying to spot the twins as each scene portrays where they are.

Published by Walker Books

Tales of Mystery and Magic

Hugh Lupton

An amazing retelling of seven stories from around the world – Scottish, Russian, West African, Seneca, Inuit, Chilean and Indian. With all the feel of traditional tales and illustrations that also reinforce that feel. Each story has a mysterious or magical aspect like that of the elves in the forest gifting wishing feet in return for additional verse for their song. This book contains a brilliant variety of stories, is interesting from the offset and features a timeless appeal both in content and illustrations that makes the book feel relatable to the different generations that will read and enjoy it.

Published by Barefoot Books

Nine Worlds in Nine Nights

Hiawyn Oram

A fantastic book detailing nine different worlds – from myth, legends and folklore showcasing the works of Dawn Gable – who wrote books on each world – this book is like a scrap book of her notes and features phenomenal illustrations from David Wyatt that bring the worlds and creatures that inhabit them to live before your eyes and make it all seem incredibly realistic. The adventure you go on is a feast for yout imagination and leaves you in awe of Dawn Gable, believing even more in the likelihood of magic and fantasy and pinching yourself, it seems so real.

Published by Walker Studio, an imprint of Walker Books.

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