Moon and Me – Cbeebies Series – Book Special

This is a three book blog special written by author Andrew Davenport and published by Scholastic, featuring titles from the popular tv series Moon and Me:

  • Moon and Me – Goodnight, Moon Baby
  • Moon and Me – Tea Time!
  • Moon and Me – The Little Seed

Moon and Me – The Little Seed

This stunning hardback features all of the characters fans of the tv series will know and love such as Pepi Nana, Colly Wobble and company, and the book tells a beautiful story in sections of Moon Baby having an adventure which begins with Pepi Nana writing a letter and it being received by Moon Baby and results in him traveling to visit Pepi Nana and the rest of the characters inside the toy box, and making many memories, and becoming strong friends. This is the story of how it all began and how the characters meet each other and become such good friends. The book features beautiful illustrations by Mariko Umeda and they give a magical feel to the book, bringing the reader into the story and immersing them amongst the story and alongside the characters. This will prove a huge hit with younger audiences and cherished by fans of the show.

Moon and Me – Tea Time!

Telling a beautiful story about how Moon Baby visits Pepi Nana and they magically taken off into a story involving a castle and all of the readers favourite characters feature as different parts in the story. There is even time for a rhyme. The adventure concludes back in the toy room where they all settle down for tea before heading to bed, sound asleep. Ideal for a bedtime read, for fans of the show and for children who enjoy magical adventures, this book features pictures from the show of all the characters and scenes from the adventure which use bold colours and really immerse readers into the story perfectly.

Moon and Me – Goodnight, Moon Baby

An absolute must have in the Moon and Me book titles, this one focuses on the characters from the hit childrens programme getting ready for bed but not before we are treated to scenes for the many adventures Moon Baby and company are regularly seen on, and of course a tea party too. The book begins with Moon Baby coming to visit from his home on the Moon and everyone only then being ready to wake up for the day so we see their whole day from morning through to night essentially in this book which younger audience will be able to relate to as they think back through their day.

The brilliance of these books is they are so relatable to the intended audience, fun in themselves to look at and read, as well as featuring the characters younger readers know and love from tv. Each book ends with the bedtime scene and makes these ideal reads at bedtime to encourage children to follow suit. With the paperback editions priced at just £6.99 and featuring glittery and glistening covers they really are good value for money, and the hardback title (The Little Seed) has a stunning keepsake feel and is priced at £12.99 – plus there are more titles on the way with the release of the Moon Baby Sticker Storybook due for publication in December, making the perfect Christmas gift for fans of this children’s tv show.

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