The Ghouls of Howlfair – Halloween Week – Day One

“The Scariest Legends are about to come true”

Molly Thompson has lived in the notorious town of Howlfair all her life, surrounded by ghost tours, scary legends and mystery. It is the latter that really motivates her as she looks to uncover the many mysteries that plague the town and the people who live there. Through doing so she is better informed about most of the towns people then most children her age would be, and consequently disliked for her nosing around Molly is asked by her mother to stop – and even goes to the lengths of confiscating her library card to show just how serious she is!

Molly however just cannot stop, especially when she is encouraged by Carl, an orphan that she has crossed paths with and is keen to show kindness too. Along with her best friend Lowry the mission to save the town from monsters that are being summoned to Howlfair is on and it is dangerous, spooky, and an uncertain road that they find themselves heading down.

This story from the offset will have readers gripped as they become immersed in an incredible mystery that is both thrilling and scary in equal measures, and takes the readers imaginations to an entirely new level of dark and ghoulish that children will love. Fans of Malamander (Thomas Taylor) will definitely enjoy reading this debut from Nick Tomlinson, especially those that like to read about creepy creatures and goosebump encouraging ghouls, the likes of both being key ingredients in this book.

This book would make for a great transition to high school title – allowing those reading this book from their primary school library or purchasing it for at home, and of upper ks2 age to then look for future titles in the series at high school too which gives them a great author and series to connect with beyond primary school and has relatable characters within the story that can make the transition along with them as readers looo for similarities to themselves in the bravery and conviction shown by Molly and her friends.

There is so much to enjoy throughout this story which features a strong friendship with loyalty at its heart throughout, and even when Molly and Lowry’s friendship seems rocky due to the turmoil and terror they face and some deliberate sabotaging from outside forces they still always come together when it counts like all genuine and good relationships between friends and readers will undoubtedly relate to this aspect of the book.

I really look forward to the next instalment from author Nick Tomlinson as he delivers us a tasty treat perfect for the Halloween season that sees monsters, ghouls and plenty of creepiness ensuring you are on the edge of your seat whilst enjoying the story and willing Molly on in her determination to see good overcome evil.

The Ghouls of Howlfair published by Walker Books on 3rd October 2019.

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