Peeking At Picture Books – October Part Two

Continuing on from this month’s Peeking At Picture Books first instalment which you can find here, these are more of the fabulous titles available this month in the picture book section of book stores and libraries and that I highly recommend and love, especially when sharing with younger children who I have found reinforce the admiration I have for each.

Around the Table That Grandad Built

Melanie Heuiser Hill and Illustrated by Jaime Kim

A vibrantly coloured picture book focusing on fun that is had with family and friends and all around and relating to the table that grandad built. Similar to the game played in primary school where you have to recall all the answers everyone else has given and then add your own (A suitcase game when I played it) this book recalls all the details given that relate back to being on or around the table that grandad built, with a new addition to the list on the next page. A great way to teach children new phrases and key words around the kitchen and dinner table with the use of repetition in the book and key every day items referenced. Children will have lots of fun trying to recall the details and then joining in listing them time and again.

Published by Walker Books on 3rd October 2019.

Our Favourite Day

Joowon Oh

Beginning with the routine a grandad follows on a normal day of the week and then following him as he appears to set off on the same routine again only there are little differences. It seems grandad is preparing for a visitor and when his granddaughter arrives it all makes sense, this is grandad’s favourite day as much as it is his granddaughters because they get to spend it together, enjoying eating dumplings together and making arts and crafts. The pair make a kite together and go off to fly it smiling and evidently happy. The illustrations reflect the enjoyment and fun that the pair have together and how happy it makes them feel through the use of vibrant colours and bright scenes.

Published by Walker Books on 3rd October 2019.

What I Like Most

Mary Murphy and Illustrated by Zhu Cheng-Liang

A beautiful picture book telling the story of a young girl and what she likes the most – even though it changes with every turn of the page! Starting with a window in her home which she likes to look out of and then ranging from things inside and out of the house until it finally settles on her mum and how that is what she likes most in the world – loves in fact. My particular favourite is when the girl announces her book is what she likes the most and each of the things she mentions are said with conviction and explanations as to why she made her choice. A relatable story for younger readers to listen to and enjoy, no doubt leading to conversations of the things they like most and why too.

Published by Walker Books on 3rd October 2019.

A Child of Books

Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston

Previously released as a hardback, this highly popular title from a phenomenal duet within the children’s publishing world – Jeffers and Winston, is now available in paperback and is just as stunning as ever. Interpretable on so many levels the story tells of a child that exists from the reading of stories, how adults forget about all that stands to be gained and they once had access to when reading children’s books and what every child has access to if they enter a book or place of books such as libraries and book stores. The illustrations lack colour and feature text from books until near the end where that which is gained through reading books and using ones imagination is depicted and we get a full colour spread. The illustrations capture your attention from the offset and keep you mesmerised throughout. A heart warming and equally inspiring story to share with younger readers and older too.

Published by Walker Books on 3rd October 2019

Good Rosie!

Kate DiCamillo with Pictures by Harry Bliss

A beautiful way of showing children how to appropriately make friends through the depiction of dogs and their antics at the park. Rosie is lonely, especially as she only ever has her owner for company. She has even tried barking to her reflection in the hope it will respond but that makes her even lonier when nothing happens. Then her owner George takes her to a dog park and she is apprehensive about meeting other dogs, but through learning how she doesn’t want to be treated and spoken to Rosie learns how you do make friends and before long is determined to stay at the park and play. Children will see similarities in the story and their own friendships, with characters that are larger then life as well as the shy types this book gives an overview of characters and their like mannerisms and responses in a fun story that will want to be heard over and over by younger audiences as they admire the utterly brilliant cartoon strip style illustrations.

Published by Walker Books on 3rd October 2019.

Caspian Finds A Friend

Jacqueline Veissid and Illustrated by Merrilees Brown

In an absolutely stunningly illustrated book the story of Caspian awaits younger audiences. He lives alone in a lighthouse surrounded by sea hoping that every time he puts the lighthouse lights on will attract someone to him, with the potential to make a friend. When that doesn’t happen Caspian uses his imagination and sends a note out in a bottle and waits in hope of a reply. His note askes “Will you be my friend” and after some waiting he gets a one word reply “Yes” and heads off in search of whoever wrote the reply. After much sailing through the darkness he finds the Polar Bear that replied to him and the two friends set off on amazing adventures together. A brilliant way of showing younger audiences the benefits that come from being prepared to make some effort, leave your comfort zone and use your imagination. This definitely has all the vibes of a future classic, and with its timeless feel will definitely be a book that gets read by many generations, to many generations too.

Published by Abram & Chronicle on 15th October 2019.

What’s Going On Here?

Olivier Tallec

As the cover says, this is a tell-your-own-tale book and I cannot recommend these enough as a shared read with larger young audiences such as in the school library as the book allows for children to use their imaginations when they answer the questions that wait to be answered at the bottom of each page – what dance moves can you do?, who do you play with? what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? etc, as well as using their imaginations to detail the choices of top,middle and bottom character parts they choose and what is going on within the overall picture. This book is cover to cover fun with so much humour awaiting audiences through the silly combinations the book allows and the replies you give too. A book I cannot recommend enough either at home or school for those who want some light hearted, utterly crazy, imagination fueled fun.

Published by Abram & Chronicle on 3rd September 2019.

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