The Velvet Fox

The velvet fox transports the reader to the storys location with such authenticity and ease that it is truly heart warming to be back with Seren and Tomas.

When Tomas boasts that he and Seren have defeated the Fair family things change pretty quickly at Plas-Y-Fran, beginning with the arrival of a governess to teach lessons to the children. The governess gifts Tomas a toy that puts him under a spell and the entire staff soon fall under the same spell controlling them too.

Seren struggles for help when she sees what is happening because she is being belittled at every opportunity and accused of preposterous behaviour in order to alienate her from the household and more importantly Tomas, so she calls upon the clockwork crow for help, desperately hoping he will return and help her defeat the darkness that has fallen upon Plas-Y-Fran and the people there.

Together, Seren and the Clockwork Crow create a plan to defeat the characters that have come to live from Tomas’ birthday gift, but when it comes to facing the Velvet Fox the pair question themselves and each other, with doubt playing a huge part. If they are to save Tomas and the staff at Plas-Y-Fran they need to believe in themselves, and when we see that from the unlikely pairing we see magic at its greatest, courage at its strongest, and the true power that comes from believing in themselves which is essential when they come face to face with the Velvet Fox, who is the ring leader, and responsible for the chaos and carnage taking place.

It is absolutely amazing to see the Clockwork Crow return in this latest title from author Catherine Fisher, especially as readers of the earlier title would have undoubtedly fell in love with his cheeky, often sarcastic feeling attitude and his history too. The tense atmosphere within the story has the reader gripped, especially as they feel at home within the story, immersed amongst Seren and Tomas’ world from the very first scene when we find the pair playing in the grounds of their home, Seren mischievously hanging down from a tree.

In what is definitely a timeless classic, the comradery between the cousins and the Clockwork crow makes this a phenomenal story that young readers will love as they relate to the characters, and get whisked along in a magical adventure that is both completely unforgettable and a true treat to the imagination, and reaffirms the message that in believing in yourself you are capable of achieving so much more then you ever thought possible.

The Velvet Fox and The Clockwork Crow are published by Firefly Press and both are available to purchase at all good booksellers.

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