Peeking at Picture Books – September Part 2 -Bumper Edition

Yet another selection of amazing Picture Books feature in this bumper edition of #PeekingAtPictureBooks. I am really pleased to introduce titles from Cicada Books for the first time on my blog alongside other top quality story books that tell young audiences of animals, numbers, carousel horses, skeletons and so much more. Each book has stunning illustrations to compliment the text and engage young audiences, inspiring their imaginations and helping to extend their vocabulary through rhyme and repetition.

A Million Dots

This book is a fantastic way to help younger children visualize numbers and volume by showing one dot at the start and then doubling the number with a sum on each page after i.e 1+1=2…2+2=4, and climbing up to a million dots ( 1,048,576 to be precise) that are printed as a part of the illustrations on each accompanying page too. The final sum consists of a multiple page fold out depicting a city scape, a detail to the book that children will enjoy time and time again. Whether using the book to assist in teaching numbers to young children or enjoy trying to count all the many dots that feature, this book is fun, educational and enjoyable and will definitely prove extremely popular.

Published by Cicada. Written by Sven Volker.

Iced Out

Based at Miss Blubbers school for arctic animals where Neville Narwhal and Wilfred Walrus who try everything they can to fit in but end up continually being ignored, and then Betty Baluga joins the class and all the other arctic animals are keen to be her friend and get her attention and try everything they can do get her attention. Betty isn’t interested in any of what they offer but she is interested in playing hide and seek with Wilfred and Neville who finally feel accepted and as though they fit in. A great story about the anxieties of fitting in and the importance of acceptance and friendship.

Published by Cicada. Written by CK Smouha, Illustrated by Isabella Bunnell.

Give me back my bones!

This is a brilliant book filled with repetition that tells the tale of a skeleton’s need to put himself back together at the bottom of the ocean. The scientific name for each bone is used which makes this an educational tool too. This book can be used during the Halloween season but could equally be used any time to read, learn and enjoy seeing the skeleton becoming whole again, piece by piece – like in Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg but with scientific terms.

Published by Walker Books. Written by Kim Norman, Illustrated by Bob Kolar.


A magic fueled story about a riding school pony who wants to be as good as the bigger and prettier horses who always have happy riders on their backs, and doesn’t realise just how special he is to the children until he is visited by a magic carousel horse after he saw them at a local fair. When Merrylegs takes a leap of faith and starts to believe in himself he sees just how much he is loved. I love the quote from the book “Magic happens in the hush of night, when the stars start to glitter, and the moon shines bright” and think it sums up the heart warmingly lovely message of believing in yourself and it is once Merrylegs believes in himself and realises that the children that ride him at the riding school have huge smiles on their faces and hold him dear to their hearts because he is just as special.

Published by David Fickling Books. Written by Pat Smy.

Three Cheers for Kid McGear!

A rhyming tale about a small truck that joins a construction site and is told by the other vehicles to stay out of the way as he is small and may get hurt but when an emergency sees multiple vehicles trapped in mud it is the small new truck Kid McGear who saves the day, rescuing the others by planning safe ways to retrieve them all. The original vehicles thank Kid McGear for all he did and insist he stays with them and becomes an official part of the team. A brilliant book about teamwork and the potential to make the biggest of differences even the smallest of us can make. Likely to be a huge hit with young children that enjoy books on vehicles and construction.

Published by Abram and Chronicle. Written by Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford.

Bedtime for Albie

A great bedtime read showcasing bedtime for all the animals except for Albie who wants to stay up and play for longer. When he checks with his friends if they want to continue playing with him too it becomes apparent that they are all mid bedtime routine so Albie plays alone but then quickly becomes lonely so heads home just in time for his mud bath which is so much fun his friends all join in too.

Published by Walker Books. Written by Sophie Ambrose.

Where in the Wild

Where in the wild features some fantastic peek through pages of information of where exactly in the wild you can find specific animals. From badgers to elephants the book has informative illustrations detailing the habitats and environments of the animals while telling the reader of where each species is predominantly found as well as other locations too. The other animals that they share these locations with is also told in this book that features rhyming sentences throughout giving the reader a pace to read too. This really is a great rhyming book about habitats and animals to share and enjoy.

Published by Little Tiger. Written by Jonny Lambert.

Alice’s Wonderland Tea Party

An exciting, interactive and hugely engaging book that you will not want to put down, Alice’s Wonderland Tea Party features plenty of peep holes into the pages and flaps to enjoy discovering hidden details too. Telling of the crazy antics at a tea party Alice hosts in Wonderland which features all of our favourite characters from the original book such as The Madhatter and Cheshire Cat. Everybody that attends brings something to eat, except some of it is inedible and most of it has magical properties. Cue a tea party to remember and for all the right reasons. This is a fun and lively story that will undoubtedly leave younger audiences smiling and laughing away.

Published by Little Tiger. Written by Poppy Bishop, Illustrated by Laura Brenlla.

Jazz Dog

A heartwarming and beautiful story of one dog and his determination to play Jazz, which is deemed appropriate for cats to play as dogs are supposed to play rock music. Wanting to do something different is frowned upon by all the other cats and dogs but this one dog perseveres and it pays off as he is able to play at a jazz night, which proves hugely popular by all who are curious about what dog will play and if he is good. Dog plays amazingly and breaks down the barriers between cat and dog in doing so. A great story to inspire younger readers to believe in themselves and dare to be different through the exciting story line, aspiring main character and fun narrative, this is a fantastic book to share in school or at home.

Published by Oxford. Written by Marie Voigt.

There’s A Troll On My Toilet

A brilliant book to share and enjoy this halloween, these exciting rhyming lyrical sentences tell us of all the creatures and characters to be found in and around the house of the narrator. The creatures are all your stereotypical halloween favourites including a vampire and a troll that has blocked the toilet! There is repetition in the book that asks who else is about and then goes off to find them in the next room as we make our way round a house that is hosting a halloween party. Fun and energetic, this story will entertain readers whilst showing them what a good halloween party looks like and encourages them to joy the occasion.

Published by Scholastic. Written by Catherine Jacob, Illustrated by Mike Byrne.

This is a Dog

A brilliant fun picture book with simple sentences on each page that state ‘this…’ and the name of which ever animal is on the page, except dog has different ideas! He starts to sneak on to pages detailing other animals like a squirrel, and then he goes one further and starts to change the names to suit him and what he is. Really beneficial when teaching younger readers about animals and looking for a fun, memorable and interesting way to do so. Children can enjoy calling out what they see on each page and joining in with telling the story, and I can see this being one that is requested time and time again.

Published by Nosy Crow. Written by Ross Collins.

Grown-ups Never Do That

Ridiculous and Hilarious fun in a book about all the things adults never apparently do – like burping and ignoring the chores – and then at the end of the book it tells children to behave like adults do, so that would be doing all the naughty, far fetched, rude, impolite things we are witnesses to adults do throughout this book, and which the detailed and immersive illustrations portray brilliantly. A laugh a minute read that children will love sharing, poring over the illustrations and soaking in the scenes.

Published by Abram and Chronicle. Written by Davide Cali, Illustrated by Benjamin Chaud.

Mama’s Work Shoes

This is the story of one little girl called Perry who is struggling with a change to her routine and having to except a new structure to her days. Perry is familiar with all her mum’s shoes and the noises that can be associated with them being worn, until her mum returns back to work and starts to wear work shoes. Associating the shoes with change in her routine that she doesn’t like or enjoy Perry hides the shoes but she soon learns that her mum has to go to work but she will always come home to Perry and nothing will stop her loving her, ever. A story of reassurance and routine, uncertainties and loving bonds. A great book for to read to those in this situation or similar ones that affect their routine.

Published by Abrams and Chronicle. Written by Caron Levis, Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.

Tiny and Teeny

A cute little story about a girl and her pet that live in a little apple, spending all their time helping all of their friends throughout the week. At the end of the week Tiny is tired out and just wants to spend time relaxing with her pet Teeny but disaster strikes when a meteor hits their home and squashes it flat. Fortunately all of Tiny’s friends want to help her as much as she has helped them and they collectively help make her a new home that Tiny loves. A real feel good story that children will love to hear and enjoy the illustrations that compliment the text so well.

Published by Walker Books. Written by Chris Judge.

It has been such a brilliant month for variety in the world of Picture Books and great to see some Halloween themed books making their way into the world. All of these books are perfect for gifting to little ones, sharing in the home, and enjoying in school – either in classrooms or the library.

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