Book Event – Potkin and Stubbs The Haunting of Peligan City

Yesterday (12th September) saw the book launch of Sophie Green’s new title Potkin and Stubbs The Haunting of Peligan City, the second title in the Potkin and Stubbs series with the third instalment publishing early next year and Sophie exclusively revealing at the launch that the book would be called Ghostcatcher!

Sophie giving her speech

The event was held at Sophie’s local Waterstones store in Ipswich, and featured the band The Lockerbillies, who provided music throughout the evening which really added to the ambience in the store. The store was setup with eye catching displays, book themed cupcakes, and the stunning book covers visible throughout. The cover and book illustrations are the work of illustrator Karl Mountford who has used amazing colours across each book cover design that makes these books stand out with an iconic, old school detective appeal which is perfect for this new to 2019 crime detective children’s series.

Sophie gave a speech before reading the large audience an extract from the book, and her words have resonated with me since. There was mention of the importance of physical book shops and making use of them especially when making book purchases, and if we do not use them they will no longer exist which would be a utterly devastating to those of us that are fans of all things bookish and reading. I myself buy from our Waterstones store as much as possible and just recently concluded a coffee date with a friend with a search in the book store for a recommended title and purchased the book. It is always a great feeling to come home from shopping with a good book.

Sophie also spoke of her role within Suffolk Libraries and that play a key part in her journey to being a successful multi title author, and there was also reference to Ipswich Children’s Book Group of which Sophie is a member – a part of the FCBG. The regular book group emails to keep members up to date, the events the book group host and the feeling of being a part of something significant all came across in the speech and ignited the passion for not just reading and books but also the community in which we are a part of when we do those things.

Book One cover

Potkin and Stubbs books one and two (The Haunting of Peligan City) are available to buy at all good bookshops priced at £6.99.

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