Mythologica – An Encyclopedia of gods, monsters and mortals from Ancient Greece

You only have to look at the cover of this book to agree that it’s absolutely stunning! With so much exciting content giving you a selection of 50 gods, goddesses, mortals and monsters to choose from and read about that are relevant to Ancient Greek history. The book features those that we are most likely to be familiar with such as Gods like Poseidon, Prometheus, and Zeus and Monsters like Cyclops, Medusa and The Minotaur – all of which is amazing content with phenomenal illustrations to compliment the text, and then there are so many others to discover such as Pandora, the first human woman created by the gods, Hector – a trojan prince and epic fighter, Argos – A hundred eyed giant, and Talos – a giant made of bronze. The list goes on!

Each of the featured characters has an allocated two page spread, the book that is quite literally mesmerising to cast your eyes at. In the short time that I have had a copy of this book I have shared it with my children (10, 13 and 14 years old) have delved into this book and really enjoyed the content, the way it is presented and the vibrant, eye catching colours. All three were in awe of the full page portraits of the relevant characters inside the book, worthy without doubt of adorning an art gallery.

Each character showcase details where they can be found along with bitesize facts about them which can be found around the edge of the page with the focused text on the god, goddess, mortal or monster giving you the meaning behind their names, what they are best known for, who they would generally be accompanied by (when applicable), a description of what they looked like, and completed with details that ensure you feel immersed amongst these wonderous characters on a more personal level – “Her stunning dress was made by the Graces and Seasons. It was dyed with spring flowers and shone with the brightness of fire” – details on Aphrodite.

This is definitely a book to cherish, whether that be at home with your own personal copy to share and enjoy indefinitely or for the time spent enjoying this title as a library loan as this is a worthwhile school library purchase, something I cannot recommend enough. I am hugely excited to share this book with children in my library, utilise this book in our Ancient Greek topic box and continue reading the content myself.

Mythologica is published by Wide Eyed Editions, written by Dr Steve Kershaw and Illustrated by Victoria Topping.

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