Peeking At Pictures Books – September Part 1

There are so many amazing Picture Books being published this month, and this is only one half of the books that I will be featuring on my blog through my #PeekingAtPictureBooks blogs this month. I hope you find this selection as fun, exciting, useful and enjoyable as I have.


This is a phenomenal pop up book that captures the readers imagination from the very start by using short sentences to tell us of what the future could hold and showing us the relevant pop ups to complete the sentence and capture your imagination. This book will bring a smile to the readers face with each turn of the pages within as they delight in seeing flowers, trees and a boat to name but a few of the amazing design pop ups that await discovery within. This book has proven a huge hit with children at home this summer break, from 3 years of age to 13 years of age, and adults too because it has such interesting pop ups that really inspire your thoughts.

You Can’t Stop the Big Bad Bogey

This is a hilarious story about Big Bad Bogeys adventures through well known stories like little red riding hood and hansel and gretels gingerbread house. The repetition helps make the story memorable with little readers and the conflict between the Good Little Bogey and the Big Bad Bogey will resonate well with young readers too. We absolutely love Timothy Knapman stories, from his previous titles that include Dinosaurs in the Supermarket and the previous title to this – The Big Bad Bogey. With the visiting of traditional tales in this book and causing carnage where ever Bad Bogey goes the outcome is hilarious and would completely change the outcome of each story which is worthy of discussion and using your imaginations too. A huge hit of a story that references all the things that little children are familiar with and creates a believable alternative story.

Pick a Pumpkin

The most amazing rhyming verses of the process between choosing the right pumpkin and carving it into a Jack-o-Lantern. The book is really descriptive about the choices of pumpkins you could choose at the farm and the beautiful illustrations compliment the verse perfectly. The story continues with the steps involved in the process of how to carve the pumpkin face and details the tradition of trick or treating too. This is the perfect book to share in school libraries with young audiences who may be unfamiliar with the traditions of Halloween and all it entails and could definitely follow with pumpkin related activities and equally this would make for a brilliant story to share with children at home looking to enjoy a Halloween and pumpkin related story that explains more of the festival.

Hungry Jim

This is a great story detailing one boys mood impacting those at home and outside of his house too as he leaves devastation in his wake throughout the town he lives in and then remorse kicks in and the boy – Jim- sets about undoing the damage he has caused, leaving a lot of confusion in his wake. The story has a great way of reminding young readers that they have the ability to calm themselves and control their moods and does so in a funny way that is hugely memorable and will have readers wanting to read this time and time again. When Jim decides that instead of eating the pancakes his mum is preparing he will eat her and other people from within the town you turn the page in anticipation of what he will do next and the story has such a fun feel throughout that you cannot help but want to get to the end and then start the story all over again.

Love you Always

A beautiful story for a parent to read to a child that reinforces the bond and love that there is between one another. The text rhymes throughout making this an adorable and brilliant read and the references to nature ensure that the younger audiences of this book are learning relevant facts too. The beautiful, vivid illustrations that accompany this text are as heart warming as the story and really capture the essence of the tenderness of this story.

Christopher Pumpkin

A rhyming verse telling of a pumpkin called Christopher who is created along with many other pumpkins by a witch who is looking for help creating a scary party to remember. Christopher however is kind and caring and consequently gets threatened with needing to be scary by the witch or else! So Christopher creates a plan that achieves scaring the witch and all the other pumpkins by creating a lovely beautiful party for the witch. This is a great story for Halloween or the build up to it, and a great story for promoting shining for everything that you believe in and are, for it is that which makes you different that counts most which shines through Christopher’s character from the offset.

The Golden Acorn

This is an unforgettable tale of how teamwork and putting others first are invaluable skills to have and use through the story of a squirrel who always wins the golden acorn but this time rules of the competition dictate that you must be a team, and although it takes squirrel half the race to realise what matters most is being part of a team and looking out for his friends he does go back to find and help them. Although this ultimately costs him the golden acorn he really isn’t bothered because he realises the biggest reward comes from being a part of a team.

Handa’s Noisy Night

Returning to the iconic Handa who has a sleepover with her friend but they keep getting disturbed by noises which Handa then dismisses as them as familiar to her family and relative to things that her family members usually do which consequently make similar noises. Only after the sleepover are they told they weren’t because of the family. The reader gets to see the cause of each noise is a different animal which would be a great place to get younger audiences to interact with the story

Winnie and Wilbur – The Bug Safari

When Winnie the Witch casts a spell to make her and Wilbur as small as the bugs in garden Winnie and Wilbur thinks it is fun to be the same size as the bugs as though they are on a bug safari, but soon after they feel vulnerable and threatened because of their size and there being bigger bugs then them around but when Winnie looks to cast a spell to make them big again she realises she can’t lift her wand as she is too small and so it takes a combined effort of help from lots of the pairs new bug friends to help. A great adventure story from the iconic duo that brings attention to mini beasts and bugs that are about in our every day surroundings.

The Doughnut of Doom

A cartoon strip style picture book detailing the destruction a doughnut creates as it rolls through town eating everyone that tries to stop him until a peanut butter sandwich reporter saves the day. The illustrations feature lots of amazing speech bubble moments with the books cast of characters who are all food named – making this a fun read with great content. Previously released in hardback, this paperback version will undoubtedly be as popular as ever with children loving the references to foods that they love (and hate) and will be cheering on the success of the doughnut – which is entered into a fun run by the end of the book while doughnut icing is cleaned off of the towns buildings.

Rabbit and the Motorbike

This is a heart warming story about a Rabbit that is a creature of habit, never leaving his field but always imagining doing so at night in his dreams and when his friend dog tells him stories of his adventures on his motorbike but when dog is no longer about and leaves his motorbike to rabbit it is down to rabbit to conquer his fear of the unknown and have his own adventures. It is amazing to see Rabbit coming to terms with loss become inspirational adventures and freedom and that throughout it all he remembers his old friend Dog.

Tibble and Grandpa

When Grandpa doesn’t show any interest in his Grandson Tibble the young boy persists until Grandpa replies to him. Intent on spending time with him Tibble makes every sandwich Grandpa likes and they sit and eat them by a pond which encourages conversation between the pair. It becomes apparent that Grandpa is in mourning for Granma and although Tibble is maybe too young to realise that he does help his Grandpa through it just by being himself which is the Grandson both Grandparents love so dearly. This is a beautiful story combining family and loss in a heart warming way that will benefit so many young readers that find themselves in this situation or similar and looking for comfort.

Show and Tell

Detailing a class show and tell in school where there is a prize for the best entry. Cue a hilariously brilliant story of each child’s contribution, all intent on winning the prize and it leading to the most ridiculous and funny entries like an Egyptian pyramid and a UFO spaceship and so many more fantastic and whacky choices from the children. The winner is chosen for the magic it holds within and is the sunflower seed presented by the first child and dismissed by all the others as something boring and plain, but that grows a stunning sunflower and creates life from within its shell. The verses rhyme within this fun story that will put a smile on all that hear it, and illustrations compliment the humorous theme to the book perfectly. This will be a story children ask to hear time and time again as they enjoy more of the details with each read.

There really is so much talent on offer from the picture books coming out this month like so many months before now, and there is no shortage of variety on offer to compliment themes, tones and adventures that will definitely prove popular both at home or at school, and I intend to utilise these in both settings as much as possible.

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