Dyslexia Friendly Titles – Variety Edition

These high quality books are all published by Barrington Stoke who specialise in Dyslexia Friendly titles. A varied selection ranging from first chapters to those suitable for teenagers ensures there is something for everyone.

Eagle Warrior – Gill Lewis

Set in the stunning Scottish countryside Bobbie lives on the family farm with the addition of her nanny with whom Bobby loves to spend time with, especially taking walks together in the surrounding countryside. The pair instantly fall in love with the golden eagle that has settled near her family home and are keen to protect it when they discover that there are others intent on causing it harm. This is a beautiful story of family and what it is to feel safe and at home as Bobbie looks to remain at home when she is offered the opportunity to attend a boarding school in the city. A great way to introduce wildlife preservation into the lives of the readers and give consideration as to what this involves. This book would also be perfect for reluctant and struggling readers that look for a shorter book with all the content and depth of a larger title for which this book will definitely not disappoint.

Suggested reading age : 8+, Published on 15th July priced at £6.99. More information can be found here

Letting Go

A YA title about friendship, loss and about keeping the promises we make to others, this is the story of how Agnes keeps her promise to her ex-girlfriend, to accompany her to release her mums ashes – up a mountain! And there is Ellie’s boyfriend with them as well as he stated he was experienced in mountain climbing, something both girls lack. It isn’t long before the real experience level of boyfriend Steve becomes clear and the girls find out he hasn’t even bothered checking the weather report.Cue awful weather and brutal terrain that the girls must descend alone as Steve leaves in a mood not long after they all eventually each the summit and Ellie does what she came all that way to do. When Steve has a fall and the girls discover him Agnes comes into her own, undertaking rescue and first-aid irrespective of how she felt about the person. It seems you definitely find yourself when your stuck up a mountain with the time and space to ponder and that is just what Agnes does. A gripping story that teenagers will not want to put down, it is refreshing to read such an immersive adventure story with the female lead being lesbian and giving us a glance into the hearts of two girls in love.

Suggested reading age : Teen, published on 15th August priced at £7.99.

The Spectacular Revenge Of Suzi Sims

Based in school this is the story of Suzi, a young girl that enjoys running and is hugely excited for the upcoming sports day. In an awful twist of events the lady that Suzi accidentally knocks over while running to school is her substitute teacher when her usual teacher is off poorly. Intent on revenge the new teacher is really mean and favours the bully of the class Barbie, who she lived next door to previously. Barbie is as keen as Suzi to win the 100m race on sports day and uses her new popularity with their teacher Miss Grit to her advantage, getting Suzi into trouble at every opportunity. When all of this leads to Miss Grit banning Suzi from participating in sports day it leave Suzi devastated and when she gets the chance to seek revenge on Barbie she welcomes the chance and gets to watch the results from afar. A great story to encourage reluctant readers with as it tells in good humour of a relatable school based story that leads to a justifiable revenge.

Suggested reading age : 8+, published on 15th June priced at £6.99. More information can be found here.

Molly Rogers to the Rescue

A great adventure story involving pirates and sailing ships as well as defeating a bunch of bad pirates who have taken over an island in their determined search for treasure. Molly and her mum Barborous Bertha see their friend adrift in the ocean and upon rescuing him come to learn that Captain Firebeard is ruining Monkey Skull Island in his hunt for treasure said to have been buried there. Molly and her mum head straight to the island and using clever and deceptive moves the pair outwit the Captain and his fellow pirates. This really is a fun and lively story that has a classic pirate feel to it where the good guys go in search of the bad and the intended happily ever after is on the horizon. I really enjoyed the main characters being a mother and daughter duo and portraying the strong bond such a relationship has and how much it can endure. Children will love reading about the sailing, pirate ships, adventure, treasure and animals that together create such a fun adventure story.

Suggested reading age : 5-8yrs, published on 15th July priced at £6.99. More information can be found here.

Nellie Choc-Ice : Penguin Explorer

Written in a fun narrative, this is the story of Nellie Choc-Ice from how she got her name as a baby and where she lives to how she became the most famous of penguins because Nellie sailed from the south pole to the north on an iceberg and is returned home by submarine when the crew of the submarine in the north recognised Nellie as she was originally leaving the south. Narrated directly to the reader from the author in a humorous and easy to follow way that will definitely appeal to those struggling and reluctant readers. The overall feel from the book is one of harmless fun and silliness which the audience will relate to and enjoy, no doubt looking for additional Nellie Choc-Ice titles from Jeremy Strong as the end of this book suggests more could be on the way if not available making this a great way to introduce readers to a book series especially as the book features vibrant illustrations that really portray the action and adventure within the story brilliantly.

Suggested reading age : 5-8yrs, published on 15th August 2017 priced at £6.99. More information can be found here.

Big Trouble for Nellie Choc-Ice

Following on from the previous title we greet Nellie as she enters the submarine and becomes friends with the submarine crew. There is a great summary at the start that catches up the reader if they haven’t read the first title in the series which tells of how Nellie Choc-Ice is the most famous of penguin explorers. Not long after Nellie sets sail on the submarine there is an issue with its engine making strange noises only for the crew to establish it is Nellie’s tummy as she is hungry. All sorted, they continue on until the submarine runs low on diesel and they stop in America for fuel. Unfortunately for Nellie that doesn’t go according to plan and she finds herself in the middle of a whole lot of drama that she must deal with but to her credit she maintains good manners throughout which is great role model material for the reader. The book has super fun illustrations throughout that range from small to full page in size and really help immerse you into the action of the story and make this such a hit with reluctant readers just as much as being dyslexia friendly.

Suggested reading age : 5-8yrs, published on 15th August 2018 priced at £6.99. More information can be found here.

Nellie Choc-Ice and the Plastic Island

The latest edition in the Nelly Choc-Ice series covering a hugely relevant and massively current topic – use of plastic and the affect it has on the oceans. Continuing on from the previous books Nellie is still a guest onboard a submarine heading home to the south pole with the help of the submarine crew. After leaving America the submarine engine struggles as they sail into the midst of an entire island of plastic. As far as the eye can see there is plastic floating in the ocean, trapping animals and killing wildlife as it pollutes the sea water its stagnating in. It is up to Nellie and the team to help trapped animals in the area and bring this environmental disaster to the attention of the right people to get it cleared up and to find a way to ensure that this situation is prevented from happening again. The topic is referenced at an understandable and manageable level for the intended audience age/reading level and draws attention to a hugely significant topic that needs to be talked about more and this book certainly helps to achieve that. The illustrations really immerse the reader in the story and depict the devastation plastic in our oceans is causing brilliantly and helps ensure that the reader feels invested enough in the story to want to find out the ending. Nellie Choc-Ice never fails to save the day throughout the series and this book is no exception and her ability to do so in a dignified and well mannered way makes her the perfect role model for children.

Suggested reading age : 5-8yrs, published on 15th August 2019 priced at £6.99.

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