Peeking At Picture Books – August Part 1

Sit back and get comfy because this months #PeekingAtPictureBooks is jam packed full of amazing, high quality, heart warming titles that will without doubt make it incredibly hard to choose from. Enjoy part one which features ten amazing titles..

Polly and the New Baby

This is a beautiful story, perfect to share with younger readers who are about to have a new sibling, this is the story of Polly who will meet her new sibling very soon. Polly has an imaginary friend – something young children will relate to with their imaginary play, and Polly pushes her imaginary friend around in her old buggy but Mum and Dad grow concerned as they need the buggy for the new addition to the family very soon. Things work out though as Polly no longer needs to use the buggy in an adorable little twist. The illustrations compliment the story throughout, depicting the most significant details at a glance.

Published by OUP on 1st August 2019 priced at £6.99 (PB)

What Will You Dream of Tonight?

This beautiful rhyming book shows the readers endless adventures they could go on while they are asleep and dreaming at night such as in an aeroplane flying above camels in the desert or on the tail of a whale swimming through the ocean and features breath taking illustrations that really capture the magic and energy from each scene. We return to the story being told back home in a bedroom and ends by saying whatever you do decide to dream of know that you are safe and loved giving all the reassurances children need at bedtime where this book would be best shared.

Published by Nosy Crow on 5th September priced at £11.99 (HB) or £6.99 (PB)

The Perfect School Picture

This book follows a young boy as he gets himself ready on school picture day. From waking up with a bad case of bedhead to finding his choice of outfit is in the dirty washing basket and wearing it regardless, there is lots of sympathy for the young boy who cannot seem to get anything right on the build up to arriving at school for his photo. In a hilarious twist at the end it seems that the boy plans in advance the best ways to sabotage his photo and has every intention of doing so next year too. Hilarious and all to relatable this is the perfect shared story and could also be used with young nervous children ahead of school photos especially as the illustrations really bring to life the chaos and grubbiness of the boy.

Published by Abrams and Chronicle on 2nd July 2019 priced at £4.99 (PB).

What Does An Anteater Eat?

A fun book that introduces lots of animals to the audience as the Anteater approaches them asking them what he eats after he wakes up forgetting. He tries suggested food, meets both rude and polite animals and even one that wants to eat him before happening across an ant hill swarming with ants and recalls that what he eats is bananas which can be found on the ground there. The illustrations depict the animals beautifully especially showing their natural poses like for example a sloth hanging sleepily in a tree.

Published by Nosy Crow on 4th July 2019 priced at £6.99 (PB).

Snow White

A slightly modern twist to a very much loved traditional tale, this is the story of Snow White that we all know with the odd slight tweak like the glass case she sleeps in once she’s been poisoned getting dropped and breaking open which then wakes her from her sleep. In what will definitely rekindle our love for the story this beautifully illustrated version will have young audiences asking to hear it again and again as they experience a relatable version of a timeless classic that they too come to love as an entirely new generation of fans.

Published by Nosy Crow on 4th July 2019 priced at £5.99 (PB).

Swarm of Bees

A brightly coloured book that uses repetition to tell the story of the scenes unfolding within. Asking the bees as they are still angry are they going to sting those characters featured on the page only for the bees to continue to the next scene, all the time scaring those that they have approached. Alongside the bees actions there is the boy from the front cover who also goes about choosing victims to anger throwing tomatoes from his trailer. This book depicts the emotions involved through the highly detailed images and the story concludes with a chase that sees the bees returned to the bee keeper and the naughty boy to his dad where both are glad to no longer be angry. A fantastic book to help show younger readers appropriate ways to behave and deal with their emotions.

Published by Andersen Press on 4th July 2019 priced at £12.99.

Duck and Penguin are not Friends

While Betty and Maud are bestest friends the same cannot be said of their toys Duck and Penguin. What ever activity the girls do the two toys are seen fighting with each other in the background. A fabulous insight into a toys perspective throughout a day of being towed along by its owner – and of course assuming they could come to life. Providing magic and the allurement of mischievous behaviour young audiences will love reading and discussing this book. Author Julia Woolf used to work in animation for the likes of Dreamworks so it is easy to see where the interesting viewpoint in the book comes from and how it is so believable.

Published by Andersen Press on 6th June 2019 priced at £12.99 (HB).

The Dam

There is an eerie feel to the illustrations within this book the quality of which makes each drawing look unbelievably lifelike. They are invaluable in this telling of a truly heart warming stroy of a girl and her dad and the music they play and the ceremonial actions the undertake in order to celebrate all the people, places, memories and traditions that will be lost when the dam being built nearby is finished. Hugely heart warming this book definitely sparks thoughts of animal and land preservation and appreciating nature whilst we have it here when it could be taken away from us so easily through many factors especially manmade monstrosities. Based on an entirely true story this book captures the history that the pair featured within strived to keep alive and tells a new generation about the magic and love that survives still.

Published by Walker Books on 1st August priced at £7.99 (PB).

The Station Mouse

A beautiful story about a mouse living at a train station, his home amongst the lost property section. Rules have been set to guide the mouse – Maurice, but sometimes life has a way of not following rules and Maurice soon finds himself making allowances in order to see some lost property be returned to its owner. A really tender story, full of the fragility of a mouse, showing readers that rules are great but there are times when they can be broken and the consequences be positive. A perfect book to share with young audiences looking to be inspired which the adorable mouse Maurice does abundantly and proves that no matter your size your actions really count when they are made for the right reasons.

Published by Andersen Press on 6th June priced at £6.99 (PB).

The Baby Beast

This is the fourth title in the Beast series and The Baby Beast is a hilarious story detailing the countless mistakes Beast makes while attempting to look after an egg left on his doorstep. It becomes clear straight away that Beast has no clue what and egg is or what it becomes and consequently he’s uncertain as to how to take care of it and unaware that it is fragile. When finally given advice on how to look after the egg the Beast waits for an outcome albeit confused what it will be. He is delighted when the egg hatches and their is a baby beast for him to nurture and love although he is equally unimpressed when he finds two more eggs on the doorstep. Funny to read by all ages this book will undoubtedly leave a smile on your face as you read this latest instalment of the silhouetted character.

Published by Andersen Press in July 2019 priced at £11.99 (HB).

Look out for part two of my #PeekingAtPictureBooks – August coming very soon.

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