Navigating Non-Fiction #4

Ancient Wonders

Visiting the seven wonders of the world this stunning book takes the reader on an unbelievable journey to places that include the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge and the statue of Zeus at Olympia. Versatile in its uses within school topic boxes and general library use this book inspires young readers to want to delve into our planets history and there is plenty within this book to entertain them.

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Learning detailed information on each of the seven wonders such as how precise the structural design of the pyramid of Giza is even though devices to enable precision didnt exist then like they do now, a birds eye view of Stonehenge and theory behind it’s most likely purpose, the history behind the hanging gardens of babylon and the likely founder and so much more.

There is so much researched information being presented in this stunningly illustrated book which features a combination of wonders that are likely to have been heard of before like Stonehenge and lesser known masterpieces such as the temple of artemis at Ephesus ensuring readers are kept curious as to what else they will find within the book and also that the book has longevity beyond the part that is relevant to their class topic or research project.

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I loved that the book also contained ‘another wonder’ which is a two page spread about something that was created with a relevance to one of the seven wonders the book is focused on. I like that it throws up potentially equally amazing wonders for the reader to consider and decide for themselves. I also love that the illustrations throughout the book are extremely detailed and clearly labelled making them easy to follow as they compliment the text whilst allowing the reader to envisage all that the book offers.

Published by – Flying Eye Books Publication date – 01.07.19 RRP – £12.99 (HB) Additional information can be found here.

Deep in the Ocean

Detailing the findings of a submarine as it travels through the ocean, heading deeper and deeper into the water. With information on the submarine like it needing to turn its lights on as it enters darker and darker waters and also specific information on fish species found at each level of the ocean like sea butterflies and cuttlefish. When a storm takes the submarine to polar regions we get to see animals species relevant to that habitat such as seals, narwals and whales which makes this such an worldwide informative voyage of discovery the submarine goes on. A whale helps the submarine travel to warm seas and we then get to familiarise ourselves with relevant sea life such as sharks, birds and fish. The book has such a great collection of illustrations and shows such a large variety of species, and there is also a link on the back cover to a soundtrack created full of relevant sounds to the sea, storms and environment, giving you the opportunity to offer audiences an entirely immersive read.

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Published by – Abrams and Chronicle Publication date – 28.05.19

RRP – £10.99 (HB) Additional information can be found here.

Government and Democracy

Starting with defining what a government is and how one comes to exist and the importance of having one this book covers everything you could need to know including information on tax and currency, laws both here in the UK and around the world, and how a government gets involved when a disaster has had an adverse affect on a country to provide much needed aid. Through the small sections of text and large, stimulating photographs we learn about heads of parliament (prime ministers and presidents) and about what a parliament is and our counterpart in the USA as well as those in other countries and also what is a democracy as well as what is considered to not be classed as a democracy such as dictatorships and a monarchy. The book concludes with rounding up why it is so important to have a democracy and which countries are democratic. The pop up fact filled bitesize chunks of text found throughout make for interesting snap shots, providing engaging at a glance reading material that is sure to make young readers curious enough to read on and inspired from the offset.

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Published by – BookLife RRP – £12.99 (HB) More information can be found here.

Rebel Dogs! Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds

A fantastic book on the unsung heroes of history, this is a book that features thirty interesting and exciting stories about dogs that have proven heroic in their time like Laika the first dog that was sent on a one way trip to space in 1957 to prove whether space travel was safe, Nipper the dog that became the iconic HMV logo, and Stubby the first dog to earn US military rank after becoming an unofficial infantry mascot in 1917. The book contains a timeline detailing the various animals to make the book easy to follow and each dogs case study involves a two page spread, one an adorable and life-like illustration of the dog and the other providing the relevant information on the dogs history and heroism. Sandwiched between each featured dog there is a glossary type spread featuring such things as facts, listings of dogs that have featured in books and specifics on dogs of royalty. This really is a fun, informative and extremely interesting book that will undoubtedly prove a huge favourite with those that have a dog, those who would like a dog, and those who know of a dog – covering absolutely everyone, a fair assessment for a book that has something for everyone in, from pooches that have gone exploring and found treasure to dogs that have survived for 11 months in the Antarctic without human intervention, there are even fluffy dogs and cute little puppies.

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Published by – Scholastic Publication date – 01.08.19 RRP – £8.99 (PB)


This book from BookLife’s habitats and biomes series has everything on rainforests for KS2 research and reading purposes. From detailing what a rainforest is to a more informative look at the different layers of a rainforest with really stunning photographs throughout that really portray the absolute beauty of the rainforest itself. We then learn about the animals that can be found throughout the different sections of the rainforest with high definition photographs of different animals such as the Chimpanzee, Harlequin Beetle and Bats too before we move on to plants and fungi found in the forest. Reading about how rainforests often have a river or stream that flows through them was extremely interesting and the photographs of Caiman, River Dolphin and Piranha really enhanced my reading experience and I was delighted that the book features advise and suggestions on things we can do to help preserve rainforests such as cutting down on food waste. A great non-fiction title to stock in school for research, topic boxes and general loans.

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Published by – BookLife RRP – £12.99 More information can be found here.

There is so much choice for non-fiction and it can be difficult to navigate the multitude of websites and find the most relevant titles, being more specific when your budget is tight, the intention with this and previous Navigating Non-fiction pages I have blogged is to try to give a more in depth view on titles that are of the highest quality when it comes to content and design and hugely significant to primary school libraries and subject topic boxes.

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