Dyslexia Friendly YA Title : Because Of You

Telling the story of Poppy, Who’s life has changed a lot lately with her dad having moved out after her parents marriage ended, and if that wasn’t enough for her to try coping with her mum has moved in her boyfriend and his daughter to the family home too.

The emotional aspect of how Poppy must feel is evident within the cleverly worded text and can also be felt by the reader as they become immersed early on into the story, emphasising with Poppy as the story develops and she faces even more upset. Writing about the broken family household and blended family beginnings is hugely relevant to so many readers either personally or affecting someone they know and the insight and understanding gained is invaluable.

When Poppy intervenes in a situation she walks in on at school that sees her stand up to some girls attempting to bully someone she has no idea that it will escalate to the level it does where initial snide comments thrown her way at school then becomes online bullying.

Handling this second highly relevant and controversial topic brilliantly we are shown the impact online bullying has on the victim, focusing on their feeling humiliated. The book shows just how quickly situations with groups of children intent on ‘revenge’ escalate and there is an undeniable authenticity to the series of events Poppy faces.

An undeniably powerful read that has all the grit of a full length MG title and is a worthwhile recommendation to all, I loved the real life feel the book emulates and the undeniable connection you create as the reader to the stories characters that could so easily be the family next door.

Published by – Barrington Stoke Publication date – 15.07.19 RRP – £7.99 Audience Age – Teen (Reading age 8)

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