Navigating Non-fiction #3

With the anniversary of the moon landing fast approaching it has been lovely to see so many relevant titles available from publicists for book shops and a couple of those feature on this edition of Navigating Non-fiction alongside other highly relevant topic box books and worthy titles for a school library to stock.


A fascinating title, this KS2 related information book has everything inside you could possibly need to learn all about muscles – from where they are found throughout the human body to what they do during different situations like periods of exercise and so much more. I found this book to be really informative to read, easy to navigate and interesting throughout which is key when using the book for research purposes and at school where this book would be invaluable during our human body related topics. The character on the front cover (Dr Seymour Skinless) features throughout the book and he talks to the reader at their intended comprehension level whilst being fun, memorable and ensuring continuity through the book by each reader. The high quality photographs and illustrations really compliment the text, grabbing your attention and helping you navigate the text on the pages.

Example of Image

Published by – Booklife at £12.99 (HB). For more information look here

Trail Blazers : Neil Armstrong

A really interesting book detailing the trip to the moon that Neil Armstrong took fifty years ago featuring short manageable chapters, official report style pages and fantastic black and white illustrations that set the scene being told perfectly. This book tells of Neil’s life from an early age. From his model building as a child to his time at university, getting assigned to the US Navy and then successfully being chosen for the now infamous mission he took to space this book showcases it all brilliantly allowing the reader to immerse themselves deep into Neil’s life and learn all there is to the inspiration famous astronaut. Hugely relevant at the moment as the anniversary of the moon landing takes place.

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Published by – Stripes at £6.99 (PB) and more information is available here including other titles available in the Trail Blazers series.

The Planets

With clear and easy to read text and structured sentences that are easy to understand this book details the eight planets that form the solar system with a two page spread for each planet. There are specific facts for each planet that help differentiate, describe and detail them with fantastic illustrations to adorn each page. A perfect title for space topic boxes and introducing children to the solar system and another great choice for celebrating the anniversary of the moon landing.

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Published by – BookLife at £12.99 (HB) with more information here

Life Cycles

A vibrantly coloured information book detailing life cycles of frogs, butterflies, honey bees and a sunflower. The book is jammed packed with facts for each of the life cycles mentioned with stunning high definition images that really bring the nature to the reader, immersing them into the world of insects, amphibians and plants. There are clear labels to important parts of the images and combined with short focused paragraphs the stages of a life cycle are easily defined ensuring the children reading and researching from this book are able to focus and understand.

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Published by – BookLife at £12.99 (HB) with more information here.

How To Be An Astronaut

Covering everything from what space is and how you define such a vast place of huge importance and home to planets and so much more. The book timelines space from the time of astronomers in Ancient Greece predicting eclipses to current day space exploration. We then continue to learn about what it takes to become an astronaut and all that they endure before successfully taking on the role. There is a press out rocket complimented by fold out space scenes and stickers that can be used to personalise the space scenes during play.

Example of Image

Published by – Nosy Crow at £7.99 (PB) and further information can be found here.

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