The True Colours Of Coral Glen

When we are introduced to Coral she has just lost her gran who she was really close to as she lived with her and her parents, they cooked together, shopped together and would confide in each other constantly. When Coral attends her gran’s funeral she comes to realise that her obsession with colour extends beyond the colour charts that adorn her bedroom walls, it seems Coral can see colour on the same spectrum that the dead are visible in. After some apprehensive and confused moments Coral knows it to be true and that the conversation she just had with a ghost confirms she is able to see and communicate with them.

Coral is offered an invaluable opportunity by Lyart, the ghost overseeing and maintaining order within the cemetery Coral has just attend her gran’s funeral in. Determined to seize the opportunity being offered Coral agrees to help Lyart and what follows is an unbelievably brilliant adventure, written in such an immersive, descriptive and tantalising way by author Juliette Forrest that you are left at the end of each scene reading on determinedly, eager to know what obstacles there will be along the way and whether Coral is successful.

The book grabs you from the offset and throws you straight into an extraordinary story that you won’t want to put down. Coral has an amazing way of describing things around her, whether it be outdoor surroundings, her mum’s eyeliner or the colour of her dads suit because Coral loves the paint chart names for colours and she references colour in that format throughout the book which triggers your imagination on another level – “As the part of the sky that touched the ocean blushed Spiced Rum, Caramelised Peach, Soul Blue and Lantern Glow, a thought occurred to me” and it is outstandingly delicious.

It is quite refreshing to read of a female lead that fights the odds to achieve the unachievable and in doing so faces things stereotypically boyish. The book has just the right amount of scary to intrigue the reader and compel them to read on, with thoughts of works by Tim Burton (Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride) conjuring up in your mind. Coral is propelled along by a level of determination that is enviable, she holds on to a guilt that fuels her need to fulfil the promise she made to Lyart with the hope that it will help release her from the grief and shame that weighs her down.

A genuine ‘read for pleasure’ title that I found myself thinking of vividly between reads wondering how it would conclude and knowing that I needed to read on and continue the journey with Coral that I was fortunate and lucky enough to have begun. I cannot wait to stock this in my library and share details of the adventure with others.

Published by – Scholastic Publication date – 04.07.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

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