Peeking At Picture Books – June (Part One)

A stunning line up of picture books follows, with a great variety to the topics within the books and the messages they portray to young readers, they are all worthy titles to stock in picture book boxes of a primary school library as well as being enjoyed by families at home.

Hello, Horse

A beautiful story depicting an anxious child becoming friends with a horse. There are little facts that help children understand finer details about horses such as a horses height being measured in hands dotted amongst the pages. The book tells of the initial stage of being introduced to the horse named Shannon and the anxious child feeding her a carrot and growing in confidence to be around her. The child watches from a distance as Catherine – the horse’s owner brushes her down and ensures Shannon is prepped for riding before suggesting that the younger wary child tries riding her. The book concludes with the pair becoming friends after a successful riding session. This book really encompasses everything there is to love and learn about horses and the illustrations truly bring the beauty of Shannon to young audiences with the chosen warm colour palette, bringing the horse to life in the imaginations of us all.

Published by – Walker Books Publication date – 04.07.19 RRP – £7.99 (PB)

Big Digger Little Digger

A great story for younger readers that enjoy all things construction based, this is the story of a little digger that enjoys being useful until one day a bigger digger arrives to complete a mammoth task, leaving little digger at a loose end and getting in the way repeatedly. That all changes when it becomes apparent that big digger is stuck and cannot get out of hole he dug and needs little diggers help. The two diggers work as a team from then on and consequently everything works so much better. A great book to encourage teamwork, perseverance and keeping a positive attitude when things change.

Published by – Walker Books Publication date – 04.07.19 RRP – £7.99(PB)

Grumpy Duck

This is a story about a Duck who cannot paddle in her pond because it has dried up leaving her very grumpy so she goes in search of cheering up and something to entertain her like paddling would. Everyone animal she approaches kindly offers to include her in their activities but Duck has an excuse for not doing so and moves on to the next leaving the animals she interacted with feeling down in the dumps too. Duck is about to give up when the dark cloud that has followed her across the pages and throughout her journey seems fit to burst and it then rains plenty enough to play in amongst the rain and its forming puddles putting smiles back on Duck and all the other animals faces. A great book to teach younger audiences about how our mood can affect those around us using some great suspense and humour.

Published by – Walker Books Publication date – 04.07.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

The Girl And The Dinosaur

With lyrical sentences telling the story of a little girl called Marianne, who quite determinedly digs for fossilised dinosaur bones on the beach. There is a warm and magical feel to this story from the start and when Marianne finds the complete skeleton of a dinosaur young readers will be enthralled, after she heads to bed that night and makes a wish upon the stars there is an air of suspense to what is to come next, and when the double page spread that follows is an adorable illustration of a dinosaur that then wakes Marianne for an amazing sea swimming, cloud jumping adventure it ensures this is a picture book younger readers will wanted to hear time and again. A fantastic way to show younger readers how perseverance pays off, the beauty of dreaming and the brilliance of using our imaginations. This book has all the feel of a future classic through its use of highly detailed and vibrant illustrations and the rhyming sentences too.

Published by – Bloomsbury Publication date – 05.09.19 RRP – £10.99 (HB)

There Is A Spider In My Soup!

This fun adventure story tells of how little spider ignores her parents warning and finds herself floating in Mr Moustache’s bowl of soup and about to be eaten. Fortunately she isn’t and Mr Moustache returns her to the family web where her parents are angry she disobeyed them and proud of her once they hear of her ordeal. The parents then agree to try swinging from the web and having an adventure just like little spider did and find that they to had fun. A great way of getting younger readers to see the importance of listening to rules and instructions but also that there is a lot to be gained from being brave.

Published by – OUP Publication date – 06.06.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

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