Book Event – The Butterfly Circus, Francesca Armour-Chelu

When my daughter and I received an invitation to attend the launch event for Francesca Armour Chelu’s latest title The Butterfly Circus we immediately began excitedly planning our trip. Held in the beautiful Halesworth Public Library the event was utterly brilliant, with butterflies aptly adorning the library columns and wall areas and circus themed decorations throughout, the window display had my child enthralled with the circus tickets and what they offered to those lucky enough to have already read the book early.

My daughter could not wait to buy another copy of the book there so that “we both have a copy to get signed and treasure” and we swiftly joined the lengthy queue to have the incredibly talented and ever so lovely Francesca Armour-Chelu sign our books and chat with us. It was a priceless moment, my daughters smiling summing it up perfectly, a dream come true.

The speech Francesca gave to officially launch her book had a strong message of family and friends in it which resonates within the books pages. We felt truly inspired when stood listening to her speak and when we got to hear the first chapter of this absolutely stunning book we loved hearing the words exactly how they were intended, so much so my daughter is currently reading the book again she loves the story that much and even though she would be considered a reluctant reader by those trying to encourage her to read she has re chosen to read this book herself.

There was much to discuss between us on the train home, not least the window display items, my daughters very own butterfly gifted to her directly by Francesca and the story details that we wished to cross reference each other on – What is your favourite part? Who is your favourite character? etc. There is so much to be gained from showing your support to local authors as I hope I have shown here, we had an amazing evening, took home our own dedicated copies of a book we truly love and got to meet someone that we all as readers look up to and massively admire. A few days later my daughter received post directly from Francesca Armour-Chelu, a postcard written from the main character in the book Tansy and complementary circus tickets that my daughter fell in love with as part of the window display and which she is delighted to now have thanks to the generosity of Francesca and which my daughter will cherish always. My blog on The Butterfly Circus can be found here

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