The Last Spell Breather

When Rayne is told she is a spell breather just like her mother she is extremly disappointed, instead of a life of magic she wants to be able to choose her future and enjoy the present with her friends, but that is impossible as her Mum has taken her out of school to focus all of Rayne’s time on mastering the art of a spell breather, something that is proving notoriously difficult.

Her frustration at being made to do something she has no interest in so that she can ultimately become something she doesnt want to be really becomes apparent when her mum has to suddenly up and leave their village at short notice and tells Rayne that she must take up the role of spell breather for the village, assisting all the villagers with spells as required.

Left with just her mother’s magic book and the spells written on scrolls in her bag Rayne is unable to make sense of everything, it is all going so fast. When she looks for more that will help her to manage within her village until her Mum returns she ends up dropping her mother’s magic book which sets off a chain of events that although instantly regrettable will change her and so much more forever.

Setting off on a quest of sorts to track down her mother and explain what has happened takes courage as the village they live in has always been protected by a magic shield and Rayne has heard many stories about creatures that live amongst the wilderness she is heading out too.

Not only is Rayne courageous, she is strong willed, determined and extremely capable when she gives herself a chance and thankfully she has her friend and companion Tom to encourage her as he has volunteered himself for the journey and she will need him for what lies ahead is challenging, uncertain and scary.

Its no straight forward quest but with the combined strength they bring and the fierce loyalty they have for those they love and hold dear they have nothing to lose in trying and everything to gain.

This is the perfect story for readers of beast themed books and stories based on voyages (Beast Quest would be an example), with depth to every chapter and a mystery to solve you will not want to put this book down. The profundity of the magical world featuring upon this books pages is edge of your seat stuff and as such fans of Harry Potter and all things wizardy will undoubtedly love reading this title, and with a girl lead character within The Last Spell Breather it will resonate with those longing for something familiar yet offering more content like fans of The Worst Witch. Every so often I come across a title that to me symbolises the ultimate reading for pleasure experience and this book stands up there with the best.

Published by – OUP Childrens Publication date – 04.07.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

3 thoughts on “The Last Spell Breather

      1. Oh gosh a sequel would just blow my mind!! I loved this world I would even accept a prequel or a 20 years later Rayne’s children kind of deal if Julie thought it wasn’t quite doable.
        Although there is the question of whose the daddy? – I know who my hopes are pinned on. Aaaaaaaaah!!


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