Navigating Non-Fiction #2

I am really excited to share another Non-fiction blog with you all especially as I have another fantastically interesting and varied selection ranging from Poo to Antarctica.

Why Do I Poo?

This book is utterly brilliant. I picked up this title late one night unsure as to the content and found myself fascinated about what I found inside. Detailing the entire journey of what we swallow, from the moment something is placed into our mouths through to when we poo, this book has it all covered.

With small sections of text that are written at the appropriate comprehension level and large illustrations to depict what is written, the pages contain key points in highly appropriate splat marks making them each to search out and acknowledge and there is of course a glossary of keywords at the back of the book like with all BookLife titles. There are even pages focused on when we wee, have wind or an upset tummy explaining cause and effect, and the book concludes with a rate your poo double page spread where you can choose which illustrated poo best describes yours and a hilarious quiz asking you to match poo to its owner. There is a distinctly fun feel to all that we learn from this book which will prove an instant hit with the kids.

One of twelve Why Do I? titles available from the current BookLife catalogue with the other books being -Wee, Vomit, Sweat, Sleep, Peel, Cry, Sneeze, Itch, Grow, Dribble and Bleed. Each book retails at £12.99

Indian Culture

The first thing that struck me when looking through this book is the vibrant images used on each and every page that really depict India in all its rich and warm tones that bring it to life and immerse you amongst each scene. This book explains where India is and breaks down everything significant to the country including cultures, religions, relevant clothing, food famous to India, home setups and so much more. This book is perfect for KS1 and the India topic and respective resource box they require. There are interesting facts showcased amongst the pages and a fact section at the end too which makes a fact finding task perfect while using this reference title.

Other titles in this book series are African Culture, Chinese Culture, and American Culture. These cost just £12.99 (HB) and the four are available as a set by visiting at a bargain £34.99


A fascinating book about the continent, containing information on where it is located, the oceans that surround it and what wildlife lives there as well as climate and weather specific to Antarctica. We learn what a continent is and how most of this place is considered as desert. The images included are captivating and send a chill down your spine as you view enormous stretches of polar desert and icebergs whilst learning about what it takes to be able to endure completing any exploration here. This book helps to give a precise understanding of what it would be like to visit or stay in Antarctica like the many scientists that are carrying out research there. This title fits in with the exploration topic at schoo.

Other titles in the series include Asia,Africa, Australia,Europe,North America and South America. Individually book costs are £12.99 or the set is currently £61.99 on the website.


Full of interesting facts, scientific terms and information relating to habitats, classifying animals and food chains relevant to predator and prey this book can be used in multiple topic box requests and is useful in areas of science too. Other titles in the collection are Oceans, Weather, Plants, Space and Transport and the set would definitely prove invaluable in providing children with the resources they need to research all areas of STEM.

Explaining what data is and how to record it via a variety of charts, the different habitats that feature here on earth and the animals that call them home, and about how animals adapt to increase their chances of survival out in the wild, this book really does cover so much. There are really intriguing and informative photographic images within this book that continue to make you more curious the further you read. The illustrations are primary school age relevant making them easy to understand and reinforce the text on the page which again features a useful glossary at the back for all of the significant terms used throughout. This book (or any of the other titles in this Smart Charts series) is a steal at £12.99 (HB).

A First Book of Animals

With absolutely every kind of animal featuring inside this stunning collection, this book is both visually breathtaking thanks to the high quality illustrations by Petr Horacek and interesting, memorable and informative through the lyrical, poetic words of Nicola Davies. From insects like ants to some of earths biggest mammals like the awesome whale shark, parasites to emperor penguins and elephants to baby gorilla there is something to grab your attention. Perfect for incorporating text/poetry into animal and nature related subjects as well as researching images that relate too. You will not be disappointed with this book which is inclusive of both key stages and high quality material that will prove endlessly inspiring to children.

Published by – Walker Books RRP – £12.99 (PB)

These are a top quality variety of texts that would benefit all school libraries that stock them and the children that then get to access and enjoy them.

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