Not My Fault

Written in alternating chapter form, flicking between the current affairs of two sisters Maya and Rose, this is an interesting and engaging read from the offset. Like with most siblings the two girls have issues, there is however history behind Maya’s anger and resentment which you come to understand when reading her side to this story and empathise with her feelings and the way she expresses them, all of which makes reading the ongoing disputes, rivalry and drama between the pair very intriguing and emotionally engaging for the reader.

Whilst Maya is angry, continually looking for ways to taunt and punish her sister, Rose is remorseful about the past, the incident which left her Sister with a physical weakness haunts her every decision, and she is eager to make amends and rebuild the bond between them that they once had. Concern fuels her need to watch out for her sister and when the two are off on the same School Camp trip Rose promises their Mother she will keep a close eye on Maya throughout. Her mission isn’t difficult given that her sister insists on interacting with her throughout their trip, albeit negatively.

Cue a blow by blow account from both sides of the situation that will enthrall readers as they long to see whether there is any resolution to the girls issues, and just how far Maya is prepared to take things. Not My Fault has a realistic feel to the sibling relationship and its rivalry, ensuring the reader becomes invested as it develops, hopeful of a happy ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, as has my twelve year old daughter who pointed out to me that the font is different dependant on which character is narrating the chapter and that she liked that detail and she also expressed her enjoyment from having read this book, loving the anticipation building from each chapter as to what to expect next!

Publication date – 02.05.19 RRP – £6.99 Published by – Nosy Crow

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