Toto The Ninja Cat and The Great Snake Escape

Front Cover

The ideal title to introduce young readers to chapter books, Toto the Ninja Cat is based on Dermot O’Leary’s pet cats and even features the back story of how he came to own them within it too.

Toto is a female cat that has next to no sight, is sister to the books other star Silver and has been trained up to be a ninja! Together with her brother they live a lovely life in London, keeping to themselves, sleeping and eating their days away until they happen upon Catface, a fellow animal scavenging through their houses refuse bin.

What follows is an adventure around London that sees Toto and Silver take in the sights, even visiting the Prime Minister’s cat in Downing Street and then upon discovering Catface isn’t quite what he makes out he is they set of together on a mission to save the animals of London from an escaped Snake.

Toto has impressive moves as a ninja cat earning herself quite the reputation as the story builds and Silver being the opposite in personalities brings some brilliant humour to the duo. They are a winning combination for young readers to get familiar with as additional books become available for this series with Toto and the Incredible Cheese Heist also available now and Toto and the Superstar Catastrophe is out this September.

Fans of animals and adventure will love this brilliant story that along with the stunning illustrations created by Nick East really come alive in your imagination, immersing you in a funny and upbeat story.

Published by – Hodder Childrens Publication date – 21.09.17 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

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