Clifftoppers – The Arrowhead Moor Adventure

Front Cover

Following four adventurous cousins as they investigate suspicious behaviour in the area that they are staying in while visiting their grandparents. Working as a team the children uncover criminals right under the local communitys noses and take it upon themselves to acquire the relevant evidence to confirm that this is so and that justice is served.

With the freedom to explore the area on their bicycles, the children have the ability to travel around reasonably quickly and quietly and they do when they are trying to stay one step ahead of those they believe to be criminals. There are also several scenes within the book where the reader will undoubtedly be gripping the edge of their seat, hoping for a successful outcome for the children when they are faced with dangerous circumstances.

There is mention of many a picnic within the story (and healthy appetites to match), whether as a lunchtime treat for the four children during a busy day exploring or a planned distraction to those they were trailing around the moor after and it is during these that the closeness of Aiden, Chloe, Ava and Josh becomes clear, never squabbling always amicable.

It is this meal time comradery combined with the exploratory nature of the children that reminds me of Arthur Ransomes wonderful Swallows and Amazons stories I read when in year 4 of primary school, the same age I would recommend this series at. I loved mention of Scones with Jam and Cream and the attempt within one scene to conclude the correct order for applying the latter two items to the first made me laugh out loud and long to be back on the Devon Coast enjoying the local delicacies once more.

The cover design for this series of Clifftoppers titles by Fleur Hitchcock has a very traditional look which feels very Blyton-esque and serves as a perfect indication as to what can be expected from within – an adventure story that can be enjoyed by younger audiences with all the depth and quality within the text usually found in longer, older audience intended books just like those of Enid Blyton.

The next instalment of this series is due to be published on 5th September and is called Clifftoppers : The Fire Bay Adventure.

Published by – Nosy Crow Publication date – 04.04.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

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