The Dragon in the Library

The Dragon in the Library cover

Kit comes from a large, pre occupied family who each have a talent that sets them apart, but not Kit. All she does is climb trees, enjoy getting dirty and can ideally be found outside. So when her two best friends Alita and Josh keep pleading that they all go to the library together instead of outside like she would prefer Kit becomes quite disheartened, she doesn’t like libraries and she especially doesn’t like books.

That all begins to change though when Kit crosses paths with the librarian working there. The librarian is keen to assist Kit in finding the perfect book for her (as all librarians do) and while Kit is left to explore the book suggested to her she wanders towards some other shelved books that look intriguing and that is when the magic begins.

Kit has been able to take herself off into the books pages, walking through the garden her eyes just fell upon within a book – these are no ordinary books that have made Kit curious, they are magic, most importantly so is she – it seems Kit is a wizard.

Que a book full of magic and adventure, with creatures and portals and of course a dragon in the library to name but a few of the amazing hurdles awaiting the trio of friends. There is teamwork and disaster, books and story telling and it all comes together to make such a good read for young audiences.

That the story shines a much needed spotlight on libraries and the importance of them being open and available to all is both heart warming and inspiring. The adventure each book sat on a shelf is waiting to take you on is showcased in this story and the love for all that a library holds is evident in the characters following their experiences in their library and will hopefully resonate with those that read this book and encourage a new generation of library visiting, book loving readers.

Published by – Nosy Crow Publication date – 06.06.19 RRP – £6.99

One thought on “The Dragon in the Library

  1. I love this book so much.
    It’s just so wonderful on so many levels and perfectly pitched for the age range but inclusive of so many different personalities from bookish dreamers to analytical thinkers AND muddy scraped kneed book avoiders too!!


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