Peeking at Picture Books – April (Part 2)

Continuing this month’s publication of beautiful, inspiring and funny picture books here is my final selection of titles that are worthy additions to any childrens library, whether it be the one at home or school.

Wide Awake

A fun rhyming story from Rob Biddulph of a brother and sister pair of dinosaurs and their antics at bedtime when Winnie finds it hard to settle down to sleep. Otto tries lots of things to help settle his sister and just as it seems Otto may have had some success it seems that may not be the case after all. Phenomenal illustrations with bold, vibrant colours that will appeal to young audiences, with pages themed around night time – including stars, the night sky, and bedtime routine making this a perfect bedtime read.

Publication date – 04.04.19 £12.99 (HB)


A stunning book from Carme Lemniscates showcasing the bird species for younger readers. Giving an understanding of the various birds and their habitats and relating them to people, how we behave, communicate and feel. With attractive illustrations depicting varieties of the bird species this is a great way of introducing young audiences to bird wildlife and what makes them so special.

Publication date – 04.04.19 RRP £12.99

A piglet called Mercy

A fun story from Kate DiCamillo about a husband and wife who lead ordinary lifes following a daily routine until one day they find a piglet on their doorstep and they break their routine finding there is more to life and that the unexpected is fun and more fulfilling, with traditional style illustrations and a fun vibe to the book that is bound to excite young readers.

Publication date – 04.04.19 RRP-£11.99

Charlie and Mouse

Containing for fun to read stories focused around two small brothers Charlie and Mouse, and the adventures they get up too. From waking up to neighbourhood parties, and even creating money making schemes from selling rocks this is a book full of adventure, told in a fun and easy to follow text making this perfect for readers that are between stages of picture and chapter books. Illustrations by Emily Hughes really help emphasise the fun, boyish behaviour from the pages.

Publication date – 02.04.19 £5.99 (PB)

My Island

A breathtakingly beautiful story from Stephanie Demasse-Pottier of a girls imaginary island and the inhabitants she would welcome there. Peaceful, Borderless and Inclusive the Island sounds idealic and if you use your imagination you are also welcome to visit. A real feel good book celebrating using our imaginations and the reward for doing so. With stunning pastel coloured illustrations from Seng Soun Ratanavanh that bring the text to life. Each illustrated page draws you in, getting your eyes to wander across the pages.

Publication date – 02.04.19 £11.99(HB)

Brave Molly

A wordless modern day classic by author Brooke Boynton-Hughes depicting the everyday battles we face when getting through the day by following a young girled named Molly. During her day the monsters inside her get in the way of her drawing, trying to talk to others and make friends until finally Molly has had enough and feeling brave she faves her demons head on and ventures out to make friends with someone, and ultimately enjoying herself. A brilliant way of showing young audiences that to face your demons head on is a far more productive and beneficial way to enjoy life in a way that is relatable.

Publication date – 30.04.19 RRP-£11.99

Little Frida

Another iconic title from the fabulously talented Anthony Browne depicting the childhood of famous artist Frida Kahlo. From her battle with polio as a small child and the subsequent bullying over her physical weakness we see Frida being very much alone throughout her days, until she uses her imagination to create a friend which fills her with happiness and contentment. We leave a much happier Frida painting pictures of her imaginary friend, the subject for which her famous art frequently included.

Publication date -04.04.19 £11.99 (HB)

One Springy Day

Celebrating 30 years of Percy the Park Keeper, Nick Butterworth delights us with One Springy Day. When Percy is counting during a game of hide and seek Fox dispairs of no where to hide and decides to go into Percys shed. When he then climbs the shelves for somewhere to hide he spills and knocks things concluding in a big mess. When Fox hears Percy coming he hides in a cupboard in the shed but once found runs away, not liking being laughed at by all the other animals. This leads to Percy and the others following items dropped by Fox to where he is stuck inside a tree. The animals and Percy all help to pull Fox free in the end. All the animals head back with Percy to give Fox a bath.

Publication date – 12.04.19 £12.99(HB)

The Big Beyond

This fantastic rhyming picture book tells the story of the stars, our interest in flight, space, the first space exploration to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and more. With illustrations from Aaron Cushley that really bring the words to life, depicting detailed space related images. A brilliant way to introduce younger audiences to space and key words relating to the subject whilst inspiring future pilots and explorers along the way.

Publication date – 04.04.19 £11.99(HB)

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