We Won an Island

Proof copy front cover

When Luna, Margot and Fabien realise they are about to be evicted from their family home they sit together brainstorming ways to help and then they come across an advert in the local paper stating if the right person applies for the right reasons they could win an island. They write to the gentleman whos advert they are intrigued by, and before they know it the entire family are living on the island, surrounded by nature in all it’s glorious unspoilt beauty, even if that happens to be bat poo!

We Won an Island features a dad that is grieving the loss of a parent and the book portrays the behaviours and attitudes of an adult in mourning brilliantly, and equally the efforts a loving child that has awareness of the situation will go too. It really is very heart warming. Luna is fantastic as the lead character in the book as she is determined, loyal, creative and practical – a combination that makes her highly relatable for readers.

The relationships between Luna and her siblings is one of mutual respect and that works well given that it takes all three of them working together to fulfill their plans. They give each other the support and encouragement they need to endure moving to the island, exploring once there and surviving a storm whilst out on the island one night as well as uniting on a mission to try to make dad happy again and earn some much needed money for their needs living on an island that needs some TLC.

It is so great to read a book that doesn’t focus on sibling rivalry and concentrates instead on the positive, closeness of siblings and this debut title from Charlotte Lo is the perfect feel good adventure story, with short chapters and a flow to the story that allows the reader to connect with the books characters and storyline easily. Focusing the story on island life really engages the reader as there is so much happening during the families time there. Having humour entwined amongst the story completes the book, ensuring this is a winner with a variety of readers, and I love that the Mum utilises her new surroundings on the island to create a yoga retreat with some hilarious dilemmas along the way.

Final cover design

Publication date – 02.05.19 RRP – £6.99

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