Peeking at Picture Books – April (Part One)

Another month that will definitely leave us all spoilt for choice with Picture Books, here is a round up of my favourites due for publication this April.

Little Green Donkey

Front cover

A hilarious tale from Anuska Allepuz of a Donkey that is happy to just eat grass, unwilling to try any other foods suggested by his mum, only to find that hes turned a lovely shade of green. Worried his mum will realise he has over indulged in his just grass diet Donkey tries foods of other colours to try to turn himself back to a normal colour, settling on carrots, only to find that these have a similar effect to eating grass if consumed is copious amounts. A fun, laugh out loud story to share with young audiences and to encourage small children to be more adventurous with their food choices and consumption.

Publication date – 04.04.19 RRP £11.99 (HB)

Caterpillar and Bean

Front Cover

Following the life cycle of a seed that then sprouts into a bean plant and simultaneously following a caterpillar as it grows from a tiny little egg on one of the bean plants leaves into a much larger caterpillar as it muches through all of the bean plants leaves before it completes its life cycle. Caterpillar and Bean by Martin Jenkins is a fun way to introduce the world of science, life cycles and growing to young audiences and would be the ideal shared book with curious young minds that wonder where things come from and how things are made.

Publication date – 04.04.19 RRP £7.99 (PB)

Tomorrow Most Likely

Front Cover

This is a fabulous bedtime story from Dave Eggers discussing all the potential tomorrow has in store, and reminding the reader that anything is possible when you use your imagination. Shared with young audiences this book is a brilliant way to encourage ideas from their imaginations and discussions around this. Written in a mischevious and playful way, getting you to consider the endless possibilities of what the next day could have in store, this really is a cute book that you would want to share again and again knowing that the choices your young audience make as to what tomorrow holds will grow along with them, making this a book to treasure fod years to come.

Publication date – 02.04.19 RRP – £12.99 (HB)

The Things That I LOVE about TREES

Front Cover

This is a truly beautiful book through both the illustrations and the text. Vividly describing the beauty of trees through the seasons with key tree related facts on each page, this book would be the perfect read for young audiences interested in nature, curious about how things work, and gives a heart warming appreciation of trees to those that read this book. Little comparatives made in the book help young audiences connect to the books content and provide a better understanding of the key features being described and along with the expressive sentences leave you in awe of trees. There are also relevant suggested activities in the back of the book.

Publication date – 04.04.19 RRP – £7.99 (PB)

Most Marshmallows

Front Cover

A fun book with an important message, Most Marshmallows tells a tale of how most marshmallows go to school, learn how to be squishy, and go to bed and dream of nothing, and yet there are some marshmallows who have the most amazing adventures and achieve the so called impossible by believing in themselves and using their imagination. The iconic looking marshmallow images throughout this book that accompany the sentences help give this book a feel good aspect and make it a must have title on your bookcase to share with younger audiences. Just be prepared for frequent requests to read this book, it is an absolute delight that hits all the right notes.

Publication date – 30.04.19 RRP – £11.99

The Day War Came

Front Cover

This Iconic title from author Nicola Davies features the words from a poem she wrote having heard of a refugee child being refused a place in a classroom because there wasn’t a chair for her to sit on. In the touching, emotional narrative of the child this book gives the audience a better understanding of the onset of war and the ordeal refugees face, especially children. For a confused and lonely child to be comforted by an act of kindness from another child is overwhelmingly emotional to read, this kindness being to give her a chair to sit on in their classroom, leaving the reader with a real sense of hope for the future which is also reflected in the final words of the book. This would be the perfect title to share with children that are curious about War and the Refugee crisis as it communicates directly to them through the child friendly language and stunning illustrations from Rebecca Cobb.

Publication date – 04.04.19 RRP – £6.99

My Tree and Me

A truly colourful, interactive book from Jo Witek for young audiences, featuring a young girl who’s best friend is the tree in her back garden. The little girl tells the tree her secrets, sings and dances alongside it, and then details how amazing her tree is during every season throughout a calendar year using fun and easy to follow sentences. Definitely an ideal shared story with children that are interested in how nature adapts and changes with the seasons and those that enjoy a feel good story with a happy ending. The peek-through style pages make this book a huge hit with the younger audiences who find the entire book fun to look at, listen to and read through.

Publication date – 02.04.19 RRP – £11.99

Definitely an unbelievable selection of picture books to choose from, making fantastic additions to picture book collections everywhere, whether at school or home.

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