My trip to the CLPE Library in London

This week involved a brilliant day visiting the clpe library in London, and it was worth it! The bookcases have the most amazing selection of book titles from all over the publishing industry and instantly inspired me, and the staff at the library had brilliant knowledge of childrens literature and an enthusiasm for the surroundings that was contagious.

Illustrative shelving themed on Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann.

The purpose of the visit was to look for inspiration to help ignite and nurture a passion for reading in reluctant boy readers, part of a project I have been a part of for a year now and that was concluded with this amazing visit along with fellow reading advocates that have also been a part of the scheme.

Illustrative shelving themed on The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson

There is so much knowledge to gain through looking at the book selections on display on the shelves of the CLPE library, from poetry to non-fiction and even some board books for small children too. There is a display of the current Power of Reading titles which helps to recognise which titles the children will already be familiar with.

Varjak Paw at the CLPE Library

There is a very relaxed feel to your browse of the shelves here, and it definitely confirms that saying ‘Time flies when your having fun”, strolling the corridor of poetry and foreign copies of books before looking through the Key Stage 1 and 2 book sections.

Illustrative shelving with a Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling theme

It was fascinating to learn of the crowd funding involved in ensuring the CLPE library is what it proudly stands to be today, and really interesting to read all the acknowledgements to those that donated significant funds to the project whether it be a shelf edge plaque or one placed above the large illustrations, it is heart warming to see that all the help offered means something to the library and those involved in designing and running it.

Illustrative shelving themed on the Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre ‘Pugs of the Frozen North’

I took home so much information to help me choose titles to try to encourage reluctant readers, ensure our school library offers a variety of titles and genres to students and also that would benefit our topic boxes too. I also happened to spot familiar titles on a trolley of new additions to the CLPE shelves, like the phenomenal debut from Darren Simpson called Scavengers.

New additions to the CLPE Library

I would definitely recommend visiting the CLPE library if you get the opportunity as it really did provide me with so much inspiration and ideas which I have already started to incorporate within my library, and if you are wondering whether it could get any better, it did! We happened to cross paths with the legendary Karl Nova who kindly agreed to a group photo. Amazing.

Group photo with Karl Nova

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