Peeking at Picture Books – March (Part 3)

The abundance of picture book titles released this month means this is my third and final blog post for the month of March, with other amazing titles featuring on the previous two March posts available here on my blog. Keen to share as many titles with my blog viewers I wanted to add the following books to my Peeking at Picture Books posts this month. Enjoy.

What’s next?

Written by Timothy Knapman and illustrated by Jane McGuiness this is the story of a baby badger that is keen to explore and learn more and asks what’s next after every new place he is taken to is explored. When daddy badger goes to sleep baby badger explores what daytime holds only to find himself lost. Luckily daddy comes to the rescue and whisks baby badger off to bed. A fantastic story to share celebrating the role fathers play in a child’s life. The illustrations are captivating, in badger colours and tones for the night time scenes of the story and colourfully vibrant for daytime.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP £11.99 (HB)

That Fruit is Mine!

Author Anuska Allepuz tells the story of sharing inside this amazing, fun childrens book. Elephants are eager to reach a new fruit growing from trees in the jungle but fail because they have chosen to work individually at the challenge but by comparison in the background of each image there are mice working as a team who successfully reach the fruit – carrying a pear away with them. The elephants then work together and have success. A great book to teach young readers about team work.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

Sleep, My Bunny

Written by Rosemary Wells author of Max and Ruby titles, this book has a poetic narrative that relates nature settling in for the evening outside with the routine of a little bunny for bedtime. With a soothing lullaby feel and illustrations that compliment the relaxing feel to this book making it perfect for sharing at bedtime with younger readers.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £10.99 (HB)

When I Was A Child

A breathtakingly beautiful collaboration from Andy Stanton and David Litchfield that sees a grandma share her childhood memories of how magical the world was for her and then her grandchild shares hers. This is a heart warming story with lyrical sentences throughout that celebrates the special relationship between a grandparent and child.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

The Brontës : The fantastically feminist (and totally true) story of the astonishing authors.

A beautifully written book telling the amazing life stories of the bronte children from childhood to successful authors, with tragedy along the way. The illustrations are flawlessly designed and really draw you in and compliment the text throughout and make learning about such inspirational people feel fun, interesting and engaging.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £12.99 (HB)

Everybunny dream!

This brilliant title from Ellie Sandall tells of the routine bunnies follow through their day building up to bedtime which in a fun twist includes foxes who then join the bunnies so that every fox and everybunny dreams! A perfect book to share at bedtime or with larger audiences that would enjoy the rhyming text.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

The Queen’s Lift-Off!

The fourth title in Steve Antony’s The Queen series telling the story of the Queen’s adventures through space, including every planet with jaw dropping illustrations making this a great introduction to space for young audiences. Fun and playful words compliment the flawlessly detailed illustrations ensuring that any audience would be captivated throughout this book.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £6.99

The Tiptoeing Tiger

When nothing is frightened of little tiger he sets off determined to prove to his brother that he can be scary. By tiptoeing around he is confident that he is stealthy enough to jump out and scare one of the other animals. Over amd over little tiger fails but he perserveres amd succeeds in the end – by frightening himself. A fun to read story with repetitive sentences amd sounds – perfect for young audiences.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £6.99 (PB)

My Grandma and Me

Transporting the reader to Iran, we follow Minas story of her love for her grandmother, following her around at every opportunity and expressing her love for her throughout. Of all the adventures and experiences Mina grows up to have none of them come close to how much she enjoyed her time with her grandmother as a child. This autobiographical picture book from Mina Javaherbin is a hesrt warming account of the special bond between grandmother and child with great illustrations from Lindsey Yankey.

Publication date – 07.03.19 RRP – £6.99

So many picture books to choose from this month, a great selection that caters for all.

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