Peeking at Picture Books – March (part 2)

March has seen an abundance of new titles enter the world of children’s literature, especially picture books. Continuing on from my previous picture book post this month (Peeking at Picture Books – March) are the following books that I would highly recommend.

Cherry Blossom and Paper Planes

The stunning illustrations within this book are the work of Sanne te Loo and are hand-drawn using gouache and pen, they grab your imagination from the very start and set the scene on each page flawlessly. The story tells of two close friends Adin and Dina who play together around the farm they live on, eating cherries as they pick them and planting the fruits pit in the hope of growing a new tree from it.

When Adin moves away they are each determined to maintain a connection with each other so Dina plants cherry pits in the direction of where Adin moved to, and Adin uses paper planes to scatter the fruits seeds in the direction of Dina, resulting in a trail of cherry blossom trees growing from one friend to another. A heart warming story for any audience and an ideal book to share with a child that is experiencing a friend moving away and needs reassurances about remaining connected irrespective of distance.

Publication date – 21.03.19 RRP – £12.99 (HB)

Hop Little Bunnies

This lift the flap book from Martha Mumford has fantastic rhyming sentences and interactive illustrations by Laura Hughes. Featuring sentence repetiton to make this a fun and memorable read which would be an ideal book to share with a larger audience as well as a bedtime read for a special little one. There are animal sounds inside the books pages and flaps to encourage learning animal sounds while enjoying this feel good story.

Publication date – 07.02.19

RRP – £6.99 (PB)


The second instalment of the shape trilogy from author Mac Barnett, square tells the story of his quest to make a piece of art for his friend circle, only to struggle with making it perfect. This book shows the reader that art is open to interpretation so there isn’t a wrong way to create art and it should be fun and enjoyable. Iconic illustrations from Jon Klassen make this an amazing addition to bookshelves alongside the previous title in the series, Triangle.

Publication date – 07.03.19

RRP – £6.99 (PB)

When’s my birthday?

Written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Christian Robinson, this is a book celebrating all things birthday from a child’s perspective portraying all the anticipation ypung children feel on the build up to the special day. Asking all the questions posed by children regarding birthdays and featuring all the demands and statements youngsters make about their birthday celebrations. A fun look at birthdays from a child’s perspective.

Publication date – 07.03.19

RRP – £7.99 (PB)


The final instalment in the shape trilogy from author Mac Barnett and illustrator Jon klassen, this is circles story. While playing hide and seek with square and triangle circle stipulates one rule – no hiding behind the waterfall, but triangle does not listen and circle goes searching for him only to discover there is another shape within the darkness, and it leaves circle wondering what that shape would look like if she could have seen it. A humorous book featuring iconic illustrations and a fun storyline.

Publication date – 07.03.19

RRP – £12.99 (HB)

Have you seen my blankie?

Coming April 4th, this book written by Lucy Rowland and beautifully illustrated by Paula Metcalf tells the story of a little princess who goes in search of her missing blankie to ultimately find it is being used to aid better sleep by a dragon. Intent on having her blankie back for herself the princess sets about trying to find something of equal softness and comfort for the dragon, and after many suggestions concludes with the pair becoming good friends. Written with rhyming to every other line and in a structure that flows, this is a fun book to share with colourful emphatic illustrations to compliment the text throughout.

Publication date – 04.04.19

RRP – £6.99 (PB)

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