A Moon Girl Stole my Friend

Front Cover

Lyla lives in the year 2099, where toilets no longer need flushing, little brothers still invade your private space, and even the strongest of friendships get tested. When Lyla and her best friend Bianca discuss Biancas upcoming birthday party plans Lyla is confident of her invite, so much so she buys her friends gift weeks ahead, but when invites finally get handed out Lyla is surprised that Bianca has only invited the “cool” girls, and she isn’t one of them.

Illustration within the book

Feeling hurt and betrayed by her friends decision Lyla tries to distract herself with things at home, playing with the family cat (it’s robotic!) and her younger brother, but it is only when trying to avoid the other girls at school as they become mean and nasty over time that her actions really take her on an adventure, through crawling through a hedge on the school boundary Lyla meets a lady who provides her with the companionship and distraction she needs.

Illustration within the book

Through staying true to herself and doing the right thing Lyla not only saves the day when there is an emergency at the school but she also reminds the mean girls at school what a genuinely good person and true friend is and is reacquainted with Bianca again. I really felt immersed on the emotional journey Lyla takes within this book, trying to find her way safely through the dangers of friendships at school. The book echoes the struggles seen daily within friendship circles and reminds us that what often can seem quite trivial to an outsider is massive to the child who has fallen out with a close friend. Lyla is an incredibly inspiring character for audiences to connect with whilst enjoying a brilliantly written adventure story that reinforces a strong message of being proud of who you are, knowing right from wrong, and that good always prevails.

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