Isadora Moon has a sleepover

Front cover

The latest instalment in the Isadora Moon series, Isadora Moon has a sleepover tells of the adventure the books namesake has after her teacher sets a weekend based homework. The task given is to design and bake a cake like those seen on a hit tv show, and the cake that outshines the other entries wins tickets to one of the tv shows live productions, getting to meet the famous chef in attendance too.

Isadora gets asked to pair up by her friend Zoe and excitedly agrees, which is then followed by an invite to sleepover at Zoes house during the weekend, enabling them to focus on their project together. Initial excitement at going for a sleepover is then met with some hesitation as Isadora doesn’t usually stay away from home and its not something she feels completely comfortable with, especially as she will have to meet Zoes parents and worries they might not be very friendly. After some reassurances from mum, and a plan for dad to drop by and check on her (he is a vampire after all) Isadora is happy to stay over at her friends.

Once Isadora arrives she is soon relaxed and enjoying herself, busy playing in Zoes bedroom with such activities as role play dress up. When Zoes mum returns from the shops with the ingredients the girls need to begin making their cake they waste no time getting to work. With the use of Isadoras magic wand the cake is better then they imagined possible, but soon after Isadora is left feeling as though she has cheated and won’t win fairly when they take their cake into school.


Isadora seeks out her dad to discuss how she is feeling and pretty soon she has made her mind up, she doesn’t want to win by cheating, and after talking it over with zoe decides to make a new cake without using magic. With two cakes made, each perfect in their own way, Isadora waits in school for Zoe to arrive with the second,more humble cake and is surprised when Zoe brings the magically enhanced first cake creation into school instead.

I love how this book subtly informs the reader that honesty is the best policy, especially when Zoe decides to admit the truth about the cake to her teacher. I am a huge fan of the books colour scheme, featuring vibrant pink and black/grey combination giving this book and the series a very iconic and feminine feel. The characters are easily relatable to the intended audience and so are the locations used within the book i.e school, home, etc and combined with showing peer pressure in an audience appropriate manner mean this would be a perfect book to share with young audiences that enjoy a longer and more detailed story then what picture books provide and are looking to enjoy chapter books relevant to their own experiences. This can be read as a standalone title or equally as the next instalment in the Isadora Moon series.

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