Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist

Front cover

An absolutely stunning graphic novel from David Almond with beautiful, thought-provoking illustrations by Dave McKean.

The first thing that really draws you to pick up this book is the cover. It is absolutely stunning to look at, grasping your imagination with both hands and evoking so many thoughts from it and there is an undeniable tingling down your spine when you stare into the face on the cover.

Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist tells the story of a boy that has told everyone of the poltergeist in his house only to find nobody believes a word he says, with the exception of Davie. When Davie has ventured over to Joe’s to see for himself whether there is any truth in Joe’s claims he has felt an incomprehensible presence within the rooms of the house, and he has seen various objects fly through the air with no logical explanation. All of this combined with the memory of his beloved sister and feeling that somehow ghosts could potentially exist leads Davie on a journey to discover who he is and what he believes.

Image within the book

The entire book features a written novel that walks hand in hand with the illustrations, complementing each other page after page and proving that this latest collaboration of Almond and McKean truly provides a work of art. The images appear life like in detail and allow the reader to connect to the characters easily and provoke the relevant emotions. When Davie talks to a priest he spots outside local shops smoking you can almost smell the smoke, see the plume, feel the reassurance. The illustrations help create suspense within the story whilst ensuring your not over frightened too.

Image within the book

It is not difficult to see why Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist is The Times children’s book of the week – it is a David Almond title and each of his works have received critical acclaim, and for me it’s the connection you have with the story throughout, the balance within the story of life and death, hope and grief and the stunning art work within. This is a graphic novel that will likely leave you feeling inspired, curious to know more, and uncertain about how you feel on relevant subject matters and not many books can take that credit. I read this book as soon as I received it in the post because it is unlike my usual choice of books and it left me truly speechless.

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