Peeking at Picture Books – March 2019

Welcome to my March picture book blog post featuring titles due for publication on March 7th (World Book Day) and 12th, so if your looking for a recommendation to help you decide what to use your world book day token on look no further because here are 10 amazing picture book titles to help you decide.

My Funny Bunny

My Funny Bunny cover design

Telling the story of a young boy who receives a boxed gift on his birthday from his uncle and is convinced it contains the dwarf rabbit he has always dreamt of, only to find when he opens the box that the rabbit inside looks nothing like he imagined and this leaves the boy very upset and angry. This brilliant story from Christine Roussey covers the subject of feelings for younger audiences beautifully with the bunny coming over to the boy and consoling him until he is calmed down, happy and laughing again. The book allows readers to see that if you give something an opportunity it can be truly amazing as with the boy and his new friend the bunny that he becomes inseperable from, all of which is reinforced by the stunning illustrations that particulary draw attention to the emotions the boy expresses. This title would be a perfect choice for a bedtime story or as a group shared read.

Illustration from My Funny Bunny

Publication date 12.03.19 £11.99 HB

Born to Ride

Born to Ride cover design

Louise Belinda Bellflower spends her childhood days of 1896 playing with her brother Joe. While Louise reads books and plays with dolls as is expected of girls during that time Joe is able to ride a bicycle and this leaves Louise wanting to do the same. When she speaks of her desire to do so to her brother he warns her of the dangers of bicycle face, reminiscent of the tale of your face staying the same if the wind changes whilst your pulling a face, bicycle face will leave you with bulging eyes through concentrating so hard on balancing the bike. Not willing to accept defeat on the subject Louise shows her rebelious side and after changing into more practical clothing proceeds to learn how to ride a bicycle from her brothers tuition. With referencing to the Suffragette movement in the scenes that feature the childrens mother Larissa Theule shows the reader what it feels like to accomplish a personal goal and feel equal to those around you. The sense of real boundary defying freedom gained from riding a bicycle is portrayed within the books pages of what is definitely an inspirational tale to share.

Illustration from Born to Ride

Publication date 12.03.19 RRP £12.99 HB


Tad cover design

Tad is the smallest tadpole in the pond amd struggles to keep up with her siblings who call out ‘keep up or big blub will get you’. They explain Big Blub is a great big nasty fish that keeps to the deep and murky parts of the pond so Tad is careful to avoid him by keeping to the brighter, shallow pond areas. As the days pass the tadpoles become frogs and gradually disappear, that is except for Tad who is then found by Big Blub and chased up and out of the water. Tad becomes a frog finally and is reunited with her siblings. Young audiences will love hearing Benji Davies adventure story of Tad as she grows up amongst her siblings.

Illustration from Tad

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £12.99 HB

Cyril the Lonely Cloud

Everywhere Cyril goes he is greeted with sad faces and disappointment, nobody it seems is pleased when Cyril is above their picnic or home. Feeling very sad and unwanted he takes himself off on a long journey across vast oceans and lands until he arrives above a hot and dry country and the shade he provides is welcomed by all that live there. Finally happy Cyril cries tears of joy causing much needed rain in the hot country below. Everyone is happy and Cyril finally sees the smiles he was longing for. This vibrantly coloured book from Tim Hopgood shows the impact we not only have on others, but the effect others have on us too.

Illustration from Cyril the Lonely Cloud

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £11.99

Lubna and Pebble

Lubna and Pebble cover

When Lubna arrives in a new country she collects a pebble from the beach that soon provides her with companionship as she talks to the pebble telling it her worrys and feelings, and the pebble is also a comfort to Lubna as her surroundings regularly change. When a young boy arrives and is in need of comfort and friendship Lubna introduces him to Pebble and realises that the little boy has a bigger need for the pebble then she does and gifts it to him. This really is a beautiful story from Wendy Meddour of friendship and making an ultimate act of kindness, with illustrations by Daniel Egnéus that immerse the audience into Lubnas world, portraying her feelings beautifully.

Lubna and Pebble illustration

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £11.99 HB

The Lost Book

The Lost Book cover

Henry is the only rabbit in rabbit town who does not love to read books, he prefers to be busy doing things. One day while outside playing he comes across a discarded book and seeks to return it to its owner. Travelling to unfamiliar places to return the book Henry has an incredible adventure, the sort that belongs in a book! I particularly liked that the adventure part of Margarita Surnaites story portrays a younger persons perspective on a journey that is unfamiliar to them and seeing none of the adults in the images paying attention because they are inseperable to their mobile phones was really thought provoking, as I know this is something we can all be guilty of.

The Lost Book illustration

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £11.99 HB

Not Just a Book

Not Just a Book cover

This fun story portrays all the other uses for a book if you wasn’t looking to read its story like a tunnel for a toy train or to swat away a fly and the beautiful iconic illustrations by Tony Ross bring a smile to your face with each page, concluding with the best way to use a book being to share the story within. A real feel good book that would put a smile on any audiences face and as a shared read would allow for some great interaction throughout. Jeanne Willis has written a story reminding us of the importance of reading stories and its a brilliant addition to any library.

Not Just a Book illustration

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £6.99 PB

Santa Claus Vs The Easter Bunny

Santa Claus Vs The Easter Bunny cover (HB)

Easter Bunny lives next door to Santa Claus in this brilliant book on holiday antics. Bunny is jealous of Santa having helpers and getting left gifts by children on Christmas eve across the world so Easter Bunny sets about intent on sabotaging Santas toy building factory machinery, intent on destroying Santas reputation. It has the reverse affect and children are even happier at Christmas then usual so Easter Bunny decides to quit his job, that is until Santa arrives offering a partnership. Humorous throughout, this story certainly portrays a message that working together is definitely better then working alone, and I have much sympathy for the Easter Bunny now!

Santa Claus Vs The Easter Bunny illustration

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £6.99 PB

Winnie and Wilbur – Spectacular Spells 3 in 1

Spectacular Spells cover

The Dinosaur Day

When Winnies local museum run a competition to win a prize if you create a design of the dinosaur that recently discovered fossil bones belong to Winnie is keen to win. After struggling to create a design she uses magic to take her and Wilbur back to the time of the dinosaurs. Having tracked down the right dinosaur Winnie magics them all back to the museum in time to find out the competition winner, and is so attached to the dinosaur that she finds a way to keep him around.

Dinosaur Days illustration

Happy Birthday Winnie

With her birthday approaching Winnie wants a garden party to celebrate and sends out invites to guests, makes an outfit to wear on the day, makes lots of food, decorates the garden and then decides she needs to plan a surprise too. Guests arrive and Winnie opens gifts and they all play party games. Then all the guests vanish and Winnie has to get them back before finally revealing her surprise – an enormous birthday cake made of different flavoured layers so each guest is happy.

Happy Birthday Winnie illustration

The naughty knight

While out flying Winnie and Wilbur spot a castle and decide to go and explore. The castle is actually just ruins which really disappoints Winnie and Wilbur so with a flick of her wand Winnie transforms the ruins into the castle it used to be. Dressing to fit in, Winnie and Wilbur explore the tournament taking place in the castle below with archery, jousting and a banquet. Before there real identities can be discovered they leave and head home.

The naughty knight illustration

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £10.99 PB

Winnie and Wilbur – The Monster Mystery

The Monster Mystery cover

Winnie and Wilbur live in a house in an overgrown forest. Lots of animals live amongst the forest and one day Winnie spots large footprints in her garden and she becomes curious as to who or what made them. They set off through the trees exploring but it is too dense and they struggle so Winnie suggests they fly over and look down at the forest. When Wilbur falls off the broomstick he falls down into the forest and lands on a big hairy monster, but Wilbur notices the feet are to small to be the footprint culprit. Meanwhile Winnie is worried about Wilbur and uses magic to clear a path through the forest. Using these paths Winnie finds Wilbur and using magic they head home and decide they don’t want to live inthe dark anymore so Winnie moves her house to a sunnier spot using magic and when she goes out to tend to her garden Wilbur realises who is responsible for the footprints.

These are funny, classic Winnie the Witch stories written by Valerie Thomas with stunning A4 sized illustrated pages by Korky Paul.

Monster Mystery illustration

Publication date 07.03.19 RRP £6.99

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