The Maker of Monsters

The Maker of Monsters front cover

Brat lives on a desolate island with Lord Macawber, a man who was banished from society for his use of dark magic. From his lab on the island Macawber creates monsters as he plots his revenge on the society that banished him and believes it to be the only way to rescue his kidnapped daughter. To say that Brat is lonely, afraid and lacks self belief would just be the tip of the iceberg describing how he feels whilst living there (He was named Brat by Macawber after all!) but he does believe things will change for him and Macawber soon enough, but when they do it’s not in the way Brat had hoped for and anticipated.

Thankfully Brat isn’t completely alone whilst facing so much uncertainty as he has Tingle and Sherman, the first monsters to be created by Macawber but not evil enough to be kept by him. I couldn’t help but imagine the adorable sort of monster you would likely find adorning childrens pyjamas when reading of there antics. The three bond during their banishment by the Lord and become inseperable, giving Brat the distraction he needs during his days, so when Brat has to leave the island in search of his masters long missing daughter it is heart warming to read of Brat thinking first and foremost of his two monster friends, and understandable that they seek to accompany him on his quest.

What lies ahead is a journey facing a society Brat has no understanding of, within unforgiving landscapes that Brat has no knowledge of either. The suspense dripping from the pages had me holding my breath and cautiously turning the page, hoping that Brat hadn’t lost. There are monsters that chase him, intent on destruction and monsters that accompany him as friends, determined to protect him at all costs, and then there are the monsters within Brat himself, causing him to doubt himself, knock his confidence and question his capabilities. Brat must face it all in order to save the world, making friends on the way and enduring impossible odds in an unbelievable adventure.

The Maker of Monsters is a brilliant addition to the world of children’s literature, combining magic and adventure, monsters and mayhem. I would recommend this to those readers that are looking for more depth and darkness to their choice of text, for example previous Beast Quest fans, and there is enjoyment to be had from reading this book for those that generally enjoy stories of survival, perseverance, danger and chaos. Lorraine Gregory has really spoilt us with this book, a frankenstein-esque story that will undoubtably captivate readers.

Publication date – 02.05.19 RRP £6.99

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