February Favourites

I have read so many amazing books this February and blogged as I have gone along, this is my post on two books that I missed when they had already been published but are now firm favourites of mine.

The Clockwork Crow

Telling the story of an orphan named Seren who is sent to live with her godfather in Wales, this beautifully written book is so vividly detailed that I had no difficulty envisaging the story as it unfolded and the story featuring magic and suspense made this a book I not only couldn’t put down, but it is why I fell in love with The Clockwork Crow. At times I was holding my breath with anticipation of what was in store and I loved the ending. Definitely a fan of Catherine Fisher for life, this book hit all the right notes for me.

Publication date 04.10.18

The Skylark’s War

Following brother and sister Peter and Clarry from young children who spend summers with their grandparents in cornwall through to adulthood. This book was a real heart warming read and I loved the romance that echoed from each page. To accompany the duo as each year passes comes in chapters of adventure, emotion, challenge and turmoil that feels so relatable and had me experiencing so many emotions – happiness, frustration and delight to name a few. This story along with the array of characters in Clarry and Peters life makes this book an absolute pleasure of a read.

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