Peeking at Picture books – February 2019 (Part Two)

Kiss the Crocodile

This story is about three animal friends enjoying playing together in the jungle when they get invited by Crocodiles mum to take part in a new game with little crocodile. ” The rules of the game are simple : you’ve got to KISS the little crocodile! MWAH! Just one thing… DON’T WAKE HIM UP!” This is an adorable story written by Sean Taylor of friendship and imagination and combining the two. This book would be perfect for introducing young children to role play and would be amazing to act out after sharing the story.

Publication date – 07.02.19 RRP £6.99

Maya and Cat

This adventure story tells of Maya, a young girl that upon seeing an unhappy cat on a rooftop sets about trying to rescue him. Through lyrical sentences author Caroline Magerl shows us the beauty of our love for our feline friends, Mayas perseverance in rescuing the cat, and the reward for acts of caring and kindness. A really heart warming story to share.

Publication date – 07.02.19 RRP £11.99

The Book without a story

A book celebrating the beauty of libraries and what they have to offer by telling of library books and the stories they tell to one another once the library closes. When one book doesn’t have a story to tell the other books set about determined to change that for him. The power of story sharing is celebrated in this book from author Carolina Rabei along with how rewarding it is when you find the right book. I love how this story gives books a magical feel by coming to life when we humans are absent and can envisage lots of conversations from younger readers and their imaginings.

Publication date – 07.02.19 RRP £6.99

Bear Moves

This colourful picture book from Ben Bailey Smith is a sequel to I Am Bear and details the many dance moves Bear likes to do while on the dance floor. Sav Akyüz captures the energy of Bears moves through use of bold colours and graffiti-esque style of illustration. The rhyming helps keep a flow while reading what is a fun and upbeat dance themed book that when shared will definitely encourage readers to do moves of their own.

Publication date – 07.02.19 RRP £11.99

I do it like this!

An adorable book which details the every days actions we take and how they compare to animals. Full of really interesting similarities and differences for such things as how we eat, wash, stay warm and hide and giving multiple animal related facts for each. This interactive book by Susie Brooks is a brilliant way to teach young children about the animal kingdom in a way that is fun, interesting and relatable. The illustrations combine the human and animal worlds perfectly with an elephant showering one child in a bathtub and an orang-utan hugging another which assists readers in making comparisons of their own.

Publication date – 07.02.19 RRP £6.99

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