Peeking at Picture books – February 2019 (Part One)

Picture books – Out February

Wishing for a Dragon

Wishing for a dragon – Becky Cameron

A beautifully illustrated picture book written by Becky Cameron celebrating small childrens imaginations, this book tells of the adventures three children go on relevant to what they each imagine. Ella would secretly like to meet a dragon but is it even possible? This is a really lovely bedtime story, inspiring young ones to have their own amazing dreamtime adventures.

Publication 07/02/19 RRP £6.99

For all the Stars across the Sky

For All the Stars Across the Sky – Karl Newson

There is a very traditional feel to the design of this book which I found encourages getting cosy and relaxed and therefore an ideal bedtime book choice, this is the story of little bear Luna and the adventures her and her mum imagine and enjoy together during her bedtime routine along with an adorable rhyme that links each bedtime wish to the next. Karl Newson has written a book to be treasured and read time and again.

Publication date 07/02/19 RRP £11.99

The Big Angry Roar

The Big Angry Roar – Jonny Lambert

This is a book about expressing your feelings through the story of a lion cub who gets annoyed with his sibling but cannot deal with his emotions. Other animals advise the cub on how best to calm down again but it doesn’t work for the cub and it is only when it goes horribly wrong that cub sees the right way to behave and that his actions have consequences. A brilliant book from Jonny Lambert to help with sibling rivalry and learning about emotions.

Publication date 07/02/19 RRP £11.99

The Song of the Dinosaurs

The Song of The Dinosaurs – Patricia Hegarty

This prehistoric peek-through book is an informative and fun book about dinosaurs for younger children. The sentences rhyme making it fun to read and the little peek-through holes in each page make the book interactive and interesting. There are lots of facts to learn in this book that is sure to be read over and over again!

Publication date 07/02/19 RRP £11.99

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