The Closest Thing to Flying (Gill Lewis)

The Closest Thing to Flying cover

The story of Semira and Henrietta (Hen) is a hugely empowering read, written in current times for Semira’s portion of the book and a century earlier in diary form for Henrietta. This format really drew me into the book as I not only wanted to see how the diary entries unfold but whether they had any impact on Semira.

The struggle for females to be accepted as equals by men in society is beautifully depicted through the eyes of Hen, and it gave an interesting insight into societys expectations and values in the 1900s. Another topic within the book is Immigration, and it was really enduring to hear Semira and her mother’s journey and their daily struggles including hunger, language barriers and peoples attitudes.

It definitely felt as though fate played a part in Semira stumbling across the hidden gem of Hens diary which led to such an amazing journey as the reader to go on, and I like to think the beautifully illustrated foiled cover of The Closest thing to Flying has a place on my bookcase for the same reason.

RRP – £6.99

Publication date – 07/02/19

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