Little Bird Flies (Karen McCombie)

I love books that take me away to a different time or place and Little Bird Flies does both beautifully. Set in the Victorian times the story features an abundance of detail to that era including social classes, etiquette, fashion and perceptions. I truly love that romance and relationships in this book have a traditional, wholesome and quite classical aspect reminding me of Jane Austen novels and the portrayal of romances within.

Little Bird Flies front cover

Set on the Scottish island of Tornish the book is very emersive in telling the story of Bridie or Little Bird as she is also referred by those who adore her. A strong willed and fiercely determined female lead, Bridie is born with weakness in one hand and foot but refuses to let that hold her back in life which I found very inspiring.

I love the relationship between Bridie and her sisters Ishbel and Effie and how it developed as the story did. That the three girls aren’t particularly close at the beginning but grow to truly appreciate, trust and love each other as a consequence of the trials and tribulations they face makes this a heartening story and reminds us of the importance of family.

Bridie has a strong family that face more loss, devastation and hostility then most and stay together through it all which is a testament to the courage and compassion they have for one another. Ishbel and Effie are fortunate enough to have ‘childhood sweethearts’ to care about them whilst Bridie spends her time with her friend Will, who everyone else believes will one day become her husband.

When events lead to the family having to leave Tornish there is apprehension among them as to whether they can adjust to living elsewhere, having lived all their lives on the Island under the rule of the Laird. Bridie however is secretly excited for she has always felt trapped by the expectation she will be a lifetime tenant of Tornish and has longed for the opportunity to spread her wings and feel freedom and I admire the adventurous side to her and the certainty in her choices and actions which are again testament to her refusal to be held back by her limited physical strength.

Karen McCombie does not disappoint the reader with this beautiful adventure story, ideal for fans of historical fiction, those studying The Victorians, or those in need of a strong female lead and with a book cover reminiscent of the popular Victorian jewellery Cameo it is sure to attract those looking for a next generation classic as I am sure this will be.

RRP – £6.99

Publication date – 10.01.19

The sequel Little Bird Lands is due out 04.07.19

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