Peeking at Picture books ๐Ÿ“–

I am determined to come out of my literary comfort zone this year and have started to introduce picture books into my reading routine. I hope a brief peek at those I get to enjoy throughout 2019 proves useful to some, and maybe encourages others to give them a try too! Enjoy…

The Girls by Lauren Ace and Jenny Loulie

A beautifully written story of the friendship between four girls that lasts a lifetime no matter what obstacles get in the way. I particularly love that the story subtly draws attention to the differences in the girls through the text (hobbies and attitudes) and the illustrations (hair colour, skin colour, fashion) but explains that irrespective of it all the girls became true friends and remained so always.

The Girls

Jungle Jamboree by Jo Empson

A vibrantly colourful picture book full of animals and jungle antics. When the animals find out there is a competition to crown the most beautiful animal at the Jungle Jamboree they all busy themselves trying to be anything except their true selves, except for a fly that takes no interest in the competition at all, preferring to spectate the animals prepping for the evening ahead. A brilliant story showing the reader how being true to who you really are (stripy, spotty or big bottomed!) is the best way to be!

Rosie is my Best Friend by Ali Pye

Utterly adorable, thats how I would describe this book. Following the story of one little girl and her new dog and the antics they get up to from early in the morning and throughout the day. Involving lots of mess, and a touch of adult perspective humour, this is a funny, relatable story with a cute little twist at the end too.

Rosie is my Best Friend

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