The Girl with the Sharks Teeth (Cerrie Burnell)

Around the same time that I requested my copy of this book it was suggested to me by a fellow librarian and book loving friend, confirming it as blog worthy material.

Front cover – The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth

The book has a stunning cover designed by Sandra Dieckmann and features eye catching blue metallic for the ocean aspects of the Illustrations which reminded me of the mesmerising glare of the sea and I also love that the back cover features plant and fish life too.

This book features a two page authors note at the start explaining the inspiration for this book, and as I read the story I would recall what Cerrie Burnell had said within it and smiled at the relevance and deeper understanding I feel I gained from having read this.

The story of The Girl with the Sharks Teeth is fast paced and adventurous, following main character Minnow on a voyage of self discovery whilst trying to rescue her missing mother. She makes friends with a boy called Raife and this friendship encourages both a male and female audience.

The story is mostly located on or in the ocean and the vivid portrayal of this area of nature captivates your imagination and leaves you thrilled to be immersed in a world of light fin, mermaid, sea-souls and gatekeepers. The inclusion of enemies and unfriendly creatures (both human and sea based) helps to create an element of danger and has you anticipative to the very end. I throughly enjoyed reading The Girl with the Sharks Teeth and look forward to sharing this title with others too.

Publication Date – 03/01/19

RRP – £6.99

Book trailer –

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