The Dog who saved the World (Ross Welford)

Front cover – The Dog who saved the World

The Dog who saved the world is the third of Ross Welfords books I have had the pleasure of reading. Having read Time travelling with a Hamster and The 1,000 year old boy I became a fan of the writing style which for me as the reader flows so fluidly, and the themes featured in the books, that through the emotional journey you embark upon make you feel as though you are fully immersed alongside the characters. I smiled to see references to Culvercot and Whitley Bay features in this latest book as with the others, and was delighted when looking up any relevance to find this is a subtle nod to Culvercoats and Whitley Bay, the town where Ross was born and local area he grew up in, and I love that personal connection dripped into each book.

Georgie is an 11 year old girl who alongside best friend Ramzy gets inadvertently persuaded to take part in some VR game testing by an elderly lady that develops the software. Everything must be kept hush with the three of them sneaking around to avoid others becoming interested and this leads to Georgie becoming distracted in her other daily tasks, including when she completes her shift at a local dog centre.

When it is then reported that a disease orginating in dogs could endanger the entire species across the country, including the dogs Georgie has grown to love at the dog centre, she knows she must do everything she can to save them all, and calls upon her friends and family for support. What follows is an inspiring, often humorous story of courage and bravery in the face of danger and reinforces the value of a persons bond and relationship with “mans best friend”.

I am left in awe after finishing reading a Ross Welford title because time and again I am pleasantly suprised with the ending being different to how the story was initially building up and led me to believe it would be, and I love that unpredictability so that the story had me intrigued (and often wrong!) to the very end.

This adventure story will be a huge hit with children age 9+ especially considering the VR gaming theme featuring along with dogs, and who doesn’t love those!

Publication date – 10/01/19

RRP – £6.99

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