The Boy who Flew (Fleur Hitchcock)

Front cover – The Boy who Flew

The Boy who Flew by Fleur Hitchcock really intrigued me having seen it mentioned frequently online. Seeing the book’s final cover conjured up so much potential in my mind as to where the story would lead that I knew I had to get my hands on a copy – and the earlier the better (thank you Nosy crow 😁). I proceeded to devour the book in just three sittings, oh how I love a brilliantly written book that captures my curiosity and this book did just that.

Final Cover design – The Boy who Flew

The story follows Athan Wilde, a young boy who is devoted to his family and friends. Working for Mr Chen earns Athan some much needed money but he enjoys helping create inventions even more, like the current project- a flying machine!

When Mr Chen is found murdered it quickly becomes obvious to Athan that someone could be after the flying machine and he is determined to prevent anyone taking it from him and perserveres instead to complete the machine and make his dream of flying a reality.

Nothing is simple or easy for Athan and soon he confides in his trusted friend Tod, and asks for his help. The boys reminded me of just how special and rare a truly loyal friend is, especially one that is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. The relationship Athan has with other members of his family also felt hugely relevant as the reader, especially how protective he is towards his sister Beatty, and how much respect he has for sister Polly. The book portrays the impact of decisions Athan makes brilliantly, and when his family ultimately end up in danger it emphasises his need to decide what is more important – protecting your family when they need it most, or making your dream a reality.

This is a throughly enjoyable adventure story for 9 years+, and with Murder, Mystery, Friendship, Bravery, Heroism, Family, Trying to achieve your dreams and so much more, there is something to inspire us all.

Publication date – 07/03/19

RRP – £6.99

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