Explorers on Witch Mountain (Alex Bell)

Front Cover – Explorers on Witch Mountain

From the very first paragraph Explorers on Witch Mountain didn’t disappoint – the characters are those that I have come to love in book one (The Polar Bear Explorers Club) and when I realised early on that this book picks up exactly where its predecessor finished I hope I can be forgiven for wanting to personally thank author Alex Bell, after all book one was a literary delight and I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to spend more time with those characters I have come to know from within its pages.

Main character Stella Starflake Pearl is keen to be off on a new adventure at the earliest opportunity, and when her dad Felix is kidnapped by a Vulture and taken to Witch Mountain Stella reaches out to her friends – Beany, Shay and Ethan, and together they create a rescue plan and set off intent on bringing Felix home. Whilst the four children have explored together before nothing can prepare them for what they face on a journey to Witch Mountain to ultimately face the Witch that is responsible for Stellas dad being taken. Explorers know very little useful information to help anyone brave enough to journey to the mountain, but they do all agree that no explorer that has ever ventured there has made it back alive! This doesn’t stop Stella, Beany, Shay and Ethan from persevering – even when faced with flying shark!

This vividly written fantasy story allows each new location featured to feel as familiar as the places I grew to love while reading The Polar Bear Explorers Club, and the Characters continue to reveal loyaltys, principles and other quirky traits that reinforce my love for each of them as the reader. I particularly enjoy the references to magic that Stella (an Ice Princess), Beany (Trainee Medic), Shay (Wolf Whisperer) and Ethan (Trainee Magician) use along their way, along with the magic they face from others – my all time favourite moment involving stolen bath bubbles! Add to this the introduction of some new faces in the book – human and animal, and I soon found myself eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the series having finished this book. Highly recommended to all, this book won’t disappoint.

Publication date – 01/11/18

RRP – £6.99

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