The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods (Samuel J. Halpin)

Front Cover – The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods

“Rules : 1. All washing must be done during the day. Bring your clothes in off the washing line (even if they are wet) before six o’clock every night. 2. All sugar cubes are to be kept under lock and key. 3. At night close your window, lock it, draw the curtains. 4. NEVER, DON’T YOU EVER, dust the window sills.”

Curious to read more? I certainly was after reading the rules given to Poppy by her Gran when she goes to stay with her in the town of Suds during her school break. Delving further into Samuel J. Halpin’s debut we soon discover that Suds is no ordinary place – in fact there are rumours around the town of children who turn grey and disappear! During Poppys stay in Suds (which gets extended) she becomes acquainted with a local boy, Erasmus, and the two of them begin investigating the peculiar events that have taken place in Suds over the years to children their age, all of which ultimately leads them to Riddling Woods – a place where only the brave dare to venture! Will Poppy and Erasmus uncover the truth?

I throughly enjoyed this book and couldn’t stop reading, willing the book to tell me why Gran is so insistent on locking up the sugar and what caused children to turn grey. Yes, at times this book took a darker tone while we accompanied Poppy and Erasmus on their adventure (and I therefore suggest suitability of 9yrs+) but it is such a vividly written gripping tale that you find yourself compelling the weird and wonderful aspects to be just those as this tale unravels before you, reinforcing the importance of friendship, family and bravery in the face of danger.

Publication date – 10th January 2019 RRP – £6.99

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